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    Just finished my 1st semester for the RN-BSN and now need to look into the fine arts, junior comp, & nutrition electives. Any input from those that have taken them would b greatly appreciated. R they doable doubled with an RN course?

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    I did business comp with the old legal/ethics class. Was only doubled up for 5 weeks because I took the test out option for health assessment. It was busy - lots of writing but it is a writing class. glad I did it with legal which was a breeze. No input on any fine arts or the nutrition class. I took all of those long before OU. Look for threads on here - some posters just finished up with music and nutrition.
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    I did electives at western oklahoma state college, they have 10 day intersession classes online, and reasonable $. I saved a lot of time.
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    I just took Anthropology through Western Oklahoma University 10 day intercession and just started the nutrition 10 day intercession there today. Less than $400 for a 3 credit class in 10 days
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    These 10 day classes are excepted by the RN-BSN program?
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    Do you mean 'accepted'? Expected 'yes'. Yes OU takes credits from western oklahoma. You need to get it approved by your advisor. Lots of nurses have taken their electives here.
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    The RN-BSN course will accept their credits?
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    Yes they will
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    Yep, but make sure you email your advisor to be certain. And save the correspondance! It can be a busy 10 days but worth it IMO.
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    Oh yes you are right do save that correspondance! I got my classes approved by my advisor before i took them. Good way to get electives out of the way. Lots of work in 10 days but better than being in class for 5-15 weeks especially if you have a boring subject!

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