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Hi All, I was looking for fellow students that will be starting the nursing program in the Fall of 2011. I am excited :yeah:about starting and just looking for others who I might be in class with. If anyone has any... Read More

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    I assume you're all in Generic program? When did you apply(how long was the wait)? I'll be applying after summer course(chem 1020). By then Spring 2012 will be full right? I'm thinking I'll be going in for Fall 2012 Generic program.

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    I will be applying after taking Chem 1020 this summer also...currently in Chem 1010. I was curious about the wait time also for the lpn to rn program. If there is a long wait I plan to switch over to Kent twinsburg location.
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    Does anyone have any idea of how long the wait will be if applying at the conclusion of this semester?
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    I will be starting the accelerated program in Fall 2011. I was accepted back in August and according to the Tri-C website it looks like they are still admitting. I am not sure how long the wait will be for applying. I am sure it depends on how many others will be applying with you and which program you are applying for. In my experience, I would make sure to have your backround check done and accepted by Tri-C as soon as possible. I had friends who heard back about their backround check after 2 weeks. However, it took close to 2 months for mine. I had to make a lot of follow up calls to get it resolved and I didn't have anything on my backround report that should have held up the process. I would hate to see this happen to someone else. It was frustrating for me.
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    Thanks qcobra
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    Qcobra is right!

    Make sure you get the background check done quickly. There was a mishap with mine and I had to wait a whole month afterwards to receive my app. Fortunately, it didn't affect me getting into the Fall 2011 program but it easily could have because the apps only go out once a month so get things done promptly. Good Luck in your App process :-)
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    Thanks mel...when did you apply for the program?
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    I applied at the end of the summer semester in 2010. I was accepted by September 2010. Besides the background part, things went pretty smoothly. So, will you be done with your pre-reqs at the end of this semester?
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    Yes, I will have bio 1100, math 1200, and english 1010 all done this May! Woohoo!
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    That is good! Make sure you call the nursing dept a little bit before the grades are posted and again when they actually do post. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any other questions about the process.

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