Tri-C Eastern Day Program Clinical Locations

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    Anyone know where the clinicals for Tri-c Eastern Campus Day Program will possibly be? I'm trying to find a new less stressful job that will fit with my schedule when I start Spring 2013 and knowing the clinical location will help.

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    moved to Ohio State Nursing Program forum to elicit further response.
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    Clinicals for all of the campuses are held all over town. For example, for Fall 2012, clinicals for East Day students in N1450 are at Bedford, Lutheran, St. Vincent's, UH, Parma, Regency West, Hillcrest, Southpointe, Lakewood, St. John Westshore, and MetroHealth.
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    Oh wow thats a wide variety all over cleveland. Hopefully i end up with one closer to home. I wish there were classes at western campus. Im not far from there. But hopefully i get parma, southpoint or bedford. Thanks for the info.
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    At one time, Tri-C did have classes at the Western campus. However, did you know that there is a Parma/Tri-C program, with classes held at the Parma Health Education Center building on State Rd. near Pleasant Valley? Folks in that program do all of their clinicals at Parma Hospital, except for N2300, which has OB, pediatrics, and psych, because Parma Hospital doesn't have enough of those kinds of patients to hold clinical there. --------------- is the Program Manager in charge of that site. Contact her her office or call 216-987-3330 (voice-activated link to her office).
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    But you have to be a parma hospital employee. Im at CCF for now til school start.
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    No, that isn't necessarily the case. Employees and family members of employees have priority for spots, but if there are any spots left (and there usually are), other students can join. Plus, even if you can't start at Parma, you can usually move there once there's some attrition in the group (and there usually is). Speak to ---------- and let her know that you are interested in Parma; she'll let you know if there is a space for you.
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    Ok thanks! Good info!
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    Hey AssociateDegree. I just got the call this morning that I will be moved to the Parma program! We just had to fill out a request to move paper at orientation and after doing all the moving I got in. So excited!
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    Glad to hear that it worked out for you! As my momma always said, it never hurts to ask; the answer just might be "yes!"

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