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I start the Nursing Program Fall 2013 at Tri-C. I just wanted to see if I could connect with anyone who will be going in too. I am currently finishing up my psych, A&PII this semester and then will... Read More

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    You are a long way off from starting the program. Do not buy any books yet, because faculty may change what books they require and textbook editions change, too. $2500 is not accurate. Once you attend orientation, you will be able to access the ADN Groups site, an internal message board for the nursing program. Ask current students what books you really need (even though faculty state that some books are "required," students will tell you that they never used them), if there are electronic versions of the book (some students prefer those), and if an older edition of a textbook will suffice. The Tri-C bookstore, like all college bookstores, charges way too much for books you can buy on or other online sites. Students use places like Half-Price Books, too. You can also consider renting books from places like or borrowing books from Ohio Link (a textbook source you access through the library; they have only a few copies of any book and you should attempt to borrow them early).

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    I agree, I get alot of my books from Ohio Link and I just keep renewing. I also bought books from other students and if you are getting older editions you don't need to spend too much. I didn't have much money so I went the cheapest route possible and even with older editions I managed A's and B's in all of my classes. The book list from the bookstore website is outrageous and you really need to wait for your syllabus to be posted so you are positive what books are required. It seems the bookstore and the nursing dept do NOT work together and people have wasted lots of mula!
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    Hi Ladies ~
    I have been searching all over this site for anyone at Tri-C in the nursing program or about to enter lol. But I just got accepted into the Spring 2014 ! I am excited. I just wanted to see if anyone else has got in.
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    I thought Tri-C lost their all of their nursing credential
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    I thought Tri-C lost all of their nursing credential
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    My wife informed me that Tri-C lost all their accreditation for all of their nursing programs.
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    Tri-C nursing program appeals loss of national accreditation "it's all over the Internet news"
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    I'm a bit confused by the application process. Based on what I read on the site, I thought you had to have completed all of your pre-reqs, then asked them to review your file, then they give you the info to schedule the HESI, and then you're accepted and have to complete the background check. On your posts though, you guys are saying you already took the HESI and did the background check and applied while still doing pre-requisites? How did you do this?
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    ^Musaafirah, I agree. I thought you couldn't take the HESI until after you have applied for the program. I'm confused about this entire process. Can someone clarify please? Thank you.
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    I applied to take the HESI after I took biochem. I was a transfer student so I had all my English, math, pre-psych requirements satisfied. But once you have the following classes you can apply, because you can take all other "prereqs" with concurrent enrollment. Hope this helps.
    [FONT=ArialMT][FONT=ArialMT]BIO 1100 Introduction to Biological Chemistry
    [FONT=ArialMT][FONT=ArialMT]ENG 1010 College Composition I
    [FONT=ArialMT][FONT=ArialMT]ENG 101H Honors College Composition I
    MATH 1250 Contemporary Mathematics or higher
    [FONT=Arial-BoldMT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT][FONT=ArialMT][FONT=ArialMT]PSY 1010 General Psychology
    [FONT=ArialMT][FONT=ArialMT]PSY 101H Honors General Psychology

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