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Hi.. I've been accepted for the January class at TSPN. Wondering if anyone has any info on this school? Did you like it there? Also wondering what the scheduling was like (I'm in the day class).... Read More

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    Quote from sunflower777
    "Wow, I never heard they were closing. I am attempting to start in 1/11. I have talked to several different people and I have taken the work keys assesment and I am waiting to take my teas v now. I was never told of any information regarding the school closing. This is very interesting information. Have you already taken the teas v yet? What areas should you stud most. I am very nervous. I know I can do this but I have major test anxiety. Has anyone recently graduated from this school that can give any info about the school ex good/bad school, will you get the info needed to pass the nclex? I live in Roseville so this will be a bit of a drive. Hope I meet some cool ppl that we can car pool together. LOL."

    At first they were. My friend is graduating in December. She told me months ago (around February) that they were closing and they were accepting the last class for October 2010. The only thing that happened I think was that they moved to another building. They are tightning up their pre-admission requirements. When she applied, she took the workkeys the day of orientation and it was free, plus the scores didn't matter eithier as to where now, you have to get a "4" or better on the workkeys in all areas to apply for the Teas-V test. I haven't taken the Teas yet. I just took my workkeys and reviewing the Teas-V as we speak. My friend states its a very good school and she is passing and learning alot. I'm moving to Detroit so I can commute to that school. I heard to review some of the Science part of it. Good luck and keep us posted!

    Thanks alot! Good Luck to you aswell. Maybe we will see each other when we both get in. I am also reviewing for the Teas V. Where do you live now?

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    Have you taken the Teas V yet? Wondering if anyone has been accepted to the Jan 11 class. I am praying that I get in. I take my teas v on the 29th and I am so ready to get this over with. If anyone has any info please please give me anything.

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