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hi everyone, I am new to this forum and to Ohio. I just move here about a month ago, took my boards, and got a job....the only thing is that I am not sure what the wage is for new RN grads?? I am about an hour North of... Read More

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    $21-22 in central Ohio
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    southern ohio: 20.30 base pay
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    These are new grad wages? Any idea what over ten years experience can
    pay? Columbus area and back to the state line of Kentucky.
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    Hi, all!! From Cincinnati. The starting wage for RN is $22 base rate, not including premiums. I have >10 years experience and am making about $29. I remember starting out at only $13.50/hour. This is in LTC.
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    The hospital I plan to work for when I graduate currently has a new grad rate of something like $21.87 before differentials/premiums. This is in Dayton.
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    hey! work in southern ohio and I started right at $21 an hour and just got a small raise. not bad for new grad! Always remember to factor in C.O.L. too as mentioned earlier.
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    I am a new grad RN and I will be making just under 21 an hour as my base, with a 12.5% night diff and a 10% weekend/holiday diff.
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    Hi Guys,
    I am Starting nursing program in Winter 2010 at Sinclair community college. I know this thread was in 2006 but i would appreciate if somebody can give me some info about the job market and pay scale for RN's in Dayton area this time. I was going for respiratory therapist but then I changed my mind to RN because everybody suggested me that RT is not a good choice. I can still go for RT but I want to go for nursing so, If somebody can please give me some info and advice, I will be very thankful.
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    I started 6/09 as a new grad @ 22.75hr base pay
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    I work in Cincinnati.. started at $22/hr with $4/hr night shift differential. I have lived in a few different cities in Ohio and Cincinnati has the highest cost of living so far (esp. rent!)