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Anyone else out there starting LCCC's RN program this fall? My orientation is May 7th, and I'm starting to get a little nervous!... Read More

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    Awesome, thanks wantccu! It is listed as EMH, and a few people had papers that said it was St. John's and they said to give those back that they were wrong. LOL! Later on another professor said that there was a St. John's option but it wasn't listed. Confusing no? I'm glad it is St. John's though, so I'm happy.

    I would have picked differently had I known we didn't have to drive out to the clinical location the night before like she orignially told us. Ah well!

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    Quote from wantccu
    Scott - I'm not sure which unit. Where were you at when you were there?

    Snickers - SJWS was an option not listed on the class list but written on the board in place of another facility (I don't remember which). It did have a unique class schedule, if I remember correctly.
    I was on 2 South at Southwest the first semester of Tri-C's program.
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    Book lists are up. Has anyone priced things out? For 114 (my only class) it looks like about $200.
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    Yeah for 114 and 115 it was about $500 and that was for used so hopefully I can get all used! Boy these books add up. Plus the kit, scrubs, and such.
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    If LCCC's program is anything like Tri-C's program you'll use most of the books you buy first semester throughout the program. Save for whenever you have OB, Psych, Peds, and Community Health.
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    Oh I am so excited to see a board for Fall 2012 ADN students! Although it seems I have missed the buzz Clearly I need to log on here more often. I'm super excited to finally start this fall! Well, excited and ridiculously nervous at the same time.

    Congrats to everyone who finally made it in!
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    Also, if you're on facebook, check out the Lorain County Community College Student Nurses page! A lot of students share questions and information on there, so it's definitely a good place to look for help!
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    I just found the Facebook page the other day. Great page!
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    So, not to scare you but everyone I know spent more than $1k in the bookstore first semester. Add more if you're buying an iTouch (I didn't need one but still spent over $1k!).

    Don't be surprised if your schedule still changes to something you didn't choose. It happens all the time. Which is ridiculous, but yeah, it does.

    Also, as a suggestion, go pull down the lists for 128 Fall, so you'll have an idea closer to the end of the semester before they post what kind of bundle options will be available since they're pretty much the same from semester to semester.

    The bookstore will encourage you to get two uniforms, you really only need one until second semester (if you're at a CCF for Psych) or for 210 when you have two clinical days per week. I would suggest two lab coats since you wear it for two labs a week, plus sometimes in class when it's cold AND sometimes at clinical too.

    I'm going into 210 in the fall.

    Be scared enough to know not to blow things off, but don't be so scared that you don't think you can do it. 114 is relatively easy. 115 is definitely the harder of the two classes. Study and you'll do fine. If you aren't doing fine, seek help right away.
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    Quote from jennylouwho
    So, not to scare you but everyone I know spent more than $1k in the bookstore first semester. Add more if you're buying an iTouch (I didn't need one but still spent over $1k!)
    Is it necessary to have an iPod Touch? Like would you recommend it? I have an iPad but it is obviously much larger to be carrying around lol but I just wondered what your opinion was on getting an iPod.

    Thanks for all of the tips though

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