Starting LCCC ADN program in January 2012

  1. Is anyone else staring the LCCC ADN program in January? I got my acceptance letter on Wednesday. I was shocked to get it, because the last counselor I spoke with told me I'd be lucky to get in the Fall 2012. I submitted my application in Nov 2010 and I finished my prereqs in May 2011.

    I was just wondering who would be there to join me? I'll be looking for some study partners and whatnot.

    I will be working fulltime while going to school. I'm hoping to get into the evening or Saturday clinicals. If I don't, I'm going to have to figure out something to do about work. I am the only one working in my household, so quitting my job is not an option.

    Anyway, if you got your letter, too, congratulations! I'm registered for the Dec. 13 afternoon orientation.
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  3. by   ohcomeon
    Hi. I just wanted to say good luck to you! I am just finishing the program at LCCC this semester. Your work schedule will more than likely have to be adjusted. You will probably end up in morning clinicals at some point and if I remember correctly the only Saturday clinicals they offered was during the first semester for Nursing 115. I would be happy to answer any questions you have!
  4. by   clocke73
    Hi. Thanks for your reply. I do have some questions. I see that for the first semester, clinicals are only once per week. Is that the way it is for the rest of the program? If that's the case, I can adjust my work schedule, because I can possibly work on Saturdays (or even Sunday) to make up for that day. Making up for 8 hours during a week is no problem, but more than that can be an issue.

    I also want to know when I would be finished. Since I'm starting in spring, will it just take 5 semesters straight through? Will I have interruptions because of summer and no classes being offered? I am used to going to school year round and getting it done!

    It's going to be a very tight schedule for me and a lot of long days, but I view it as just 5 semesters. I can do anything when there's an end date. I'm pretty excited about this!
  5. by   ohcomeon
    You will have semesters with more than one clinical day. When you take 128 and psych next fall (providing that the schedule is the same) you will have one day of clinicals for each class. Psych is only 8 weeks though. Also when you take 210, you will have two days of clinicals. I think my clinical times were from 3-10:30pm. During your last semester you take Peds for 8 weeks with one clinical day, critical care for the whole semester with one clinical day, and management with two clinical days. So part of the semester you have two clinicals and the other part is three clinical days.

    I also started spring semester. So I went spring, summer and fall of 2010, then spring of 2011. I was off this past summer, although they did offer managment in the summer (not sure if they are doing that again though), and now I am finisihing up fall of 2011. So you should finish fall of 2013 if you go straight through.

    It"s a great program I will say that. Very demanding and challenging though, but I am sure you already know that.
  6. by   snickers21
    Congratulations! Good luck to you.
  7. by   jennylouwho
    Congrats! It seems like the wait times have come down drastically. I know several who have been accepted for spring and no one waited two years like myself and most of my classmates! I am in 115 now. I am in evenings, I wanted days. I have class from 5-7 on Mondays for 114 and then lab afterward. Tues and thur I have 114, Tues from 4 until 6 and thurs until 520. Thurs I have lab for 115 from 7-9. I have sat clinical and it says 7 but we start at 630 and get out a half hour early. Some have 115 lab on Tues, we'd or thurs. Also, some have 114 lab on other days. The actual classes for 114 and 115, days and times are the same for all evening students.

    For 128/129 clinicals are two days per week while taking psych. The bundles for next semester just posted and the night track has some day classes and labs. One of the night options includes a Friday day clinical with a Saturday clinical.

    Can you work full time? Some are. Some that are are going part time. Some realized in the first few weeks that they needed to cut work hours or went part time. Some have no problems working two jobs and having kids. It's all dependent on your situation and how much time you will need to study.

    I have three kids, including a 9 month old (whom I pump breatmilk for when away), volunteer, am an active part of my daughter's PTU, including organizing a fundraiser all by myself and am doing fine. It's a juggling act of goading the most important things and not worrying as much about things that aren as important. My house will be clean again after finals.
  8. by   clocke73
    Thanks for the information, and for confirming that it is possible to juggle everything.

    Does anybody know if there's anything that I can do now, while I wait for orientation? I am in the process of getting all of my health stuff done. Is it wise to buy books before orientation? Do I need particular shoes for clinicals? I am restless...and I like to be prepared.

    I'm also frustrated at not finding out my schedule until about 2 weeks before classes start. I will be establishing new routines, and I like to start that process early. I will try to get up and get to work earlier and test out my meal planning/cooking strategy while I wait.
  9. by   jennylouwho
    You can buy plain white shoes. Not sure if you should buy books now, who knows what they might change. You can certainly buy notebooks. Each syllabus will take up one, they're massive. If you don't have an itouch you could buy that now.

    The bookstore will suggest you buy two uniforms. I think you need two lab coats, you're in it all the time!
  10. by   jennylouwho
    Oh,'if you have access to the nursing videos on angel you can watch some of those.
  11. by   clocke73
    Ok. Thanks for the info about clothing.

    About the itouch - I was gonna ask about technology next. I currently have an Android smartphone that I absolutely love. But, I saw that they frown on phone use in the classroom, lab and clinicals, even for research. So, then I need some sort of non-phone device? Does it have to be an iTouch? Not that I don't think they are cool, but I have so far avoided owning an i-anything, and would like to continue the streak. But if it would help, you could twist my arm, and I'll just have to go buy me an iTouch or ask for one for Christmas...

    I am going to try to watch the videos on Angel, too.
  12. by   ohcomeon
    I have used my iphone the entire time I have been in school. You have the option of buying a set of books that includes the Davis Drug Guide and Tabers Dictionary and a couple of other things I think for $140 through the bookstore or you can buy the Nursing Central app for your phone. I would definitely recommend the app. I bought the books and returned them. The app is a little bit more, I think it is $160, but it is so worth it. For the first year, you can update it as often as you want. So you have access to all the new drugs and things. After a year you can't update unless you want to pay for another year which I think is around $100. If you don't update it though, you can still use it, just no more updates. I have not paid for another subscription and it is just fine. I use it all the time at clinicals and have never had an instructor say a word about it.

    I too would wait on the books. Once you find out what they are, shop around. You can find a lot of them cheaper on Amazon. I also will be selling my Lehne Pharmacology book if you are interested. You will use it pretty much the entire program.

    I did buy two sets of scrubs, but you really won't need them until you get into 210, when you have two clinical days back to back. When you are in 128/129, you won't wear scrubs for psych clinicals, just business casual. And I only had one lab coat and it has worked out just fine. Actually, I think you aren't technically supposed to be wearing your lab coat at clinicals. I usually only wore mine for lab. If it is cold out, I just wore a white long sleeve coat under my scrub top.

    Enjoy your time off before school starts. Don't stress about anything. Enjoy your holidays and just relax. It will get all crazy and hectic once school starts. No need to start stressing out early!
  13. by   jennylouwho
    They told us to wear the lab coat to clinical, so who knows, lol. All I know is add two labs per week, plus practice and clinical and it would be nice to have a spare.

    You can put it on other devices, some places frown on phones, from what we were told. But the itouch is super cool.
  14. by   wantccu
    I'm so glad there's finally more people on here from LCCC! I'm crossing my fingers to be able to start in August. If anyone that's in the program is interested in selling or loaning some books out, please keep me in mind!

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