S.E. Ohio, Athens area R.N. job info needed.

  1. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
    My wife and I are recent transplants from Chicago to Athens, Ohio. We are both R.N.s with experience in home health/private duty, and experience in med/surg and surg/tele, respectively.
    We would like any info, input, etc on the opportunities in our area. Location of hospitals, pay scales, benefits, etc., "the good, the bad, and the ugly".
    We are just applying for our license transfer and not in a big rush, but looking for placement in the next month or so.
    Also, I might be open for working travel contracts within Ohio and would appreciate that info too.
    Thanks, Bill.
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Wow! This may seem strange but I was just in the area and I was blown away with all of the job openings. I am definately looking into that area and soon. Here are some I picked up from a free paper from your area last week while I was there for a family funeral.
    1. Overbrook Rehab Center, Middleport, Ohio
    2. Oblenness Medical Center, Athens Ohio
    3. Holzer Senior Care Center, Bidwell, Ohio
    4. Interimum Healthcare, Athens, Ohio and Marietta, Ohio
    5. Adena Health Center, Jackson, Ohio
    6. Southeast Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cambridge, Ohio

    All of these are within easy driving distance. They all have ads on the net and in papers in your area. I was told with a verifiable license they can have me working within a few short days. The hospitals in Marietta, Ohio are hiring.
    There is a hospital in Pomoroy too. There seems to be a wide variety of jobs and settings available. I don't know about the pay but it seems on par with the area. Ofcourse, there are all kinds of openings for the Columbus area and the area in between. Good luck but I don't really think you or your wife will have any problems.
  4. by   renerian
    Wow can I ask why you chose AThens? My hubby teaches at OU. Nice campus but wow costly.

    Did you try applying at the VNA in AThens? Alot of nice people there if you like home health.

  5. by   barefootlady
    I was in the area for a family funeral. I have not chosen the area, most likely will stick up around Parkersburg, but may look into weekend work or per diem once I get things settled. Hubby is getting better everyday, spring is almost here, and I am ready for a big change.
  6. by   Bjo

    You can try this link. It is for Genesis Hospital in Zanesville. That may be somewhat farther than you want to drive but they have twelve hour shifts and the pay is rather alluring!
    Welcome to the area. I work at the State hospital in Cambridge. Our sister hospital is beside of Obleness there in Athens. If you decide you want to try psychiatric nursing let me know. We aren't hiring full time but could probably use what's called an ETI. (Established Term Irregular). You aren't promised any certain shift so it isn't the ideal job. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for anything that comes up and let you know.
  7. by   mcmike55
    Welcome to Ohio. Weird weather, tough economic times, but I love Ohio!
    I'm from Cambridge, and work at SouthEast Med in Cambridge. Level III trauma. Great, small hospital, where they know pt's by name, not just diagnosis and room number.
    I figure they would be more than willing to work with you schedule wise.
    I know in ED, nurses work 8's, 10's and 12's.
    Problems, sure....everyone has 'em....but worth looking at in my opinion.

    web address www.seormc.org

    you can pm me if you want more info....names, numbers, etc

    Either way welcome! Mike
  8. by   billzie
    Quote from renerian
    Wow can I ask why you chose AThens? My hubby teaches at OU. Nice campus but wow costly.
    Did you try applying at the VNA in AThens? Alot of nice people there if you like home health.
    First off, thanks everyone for your input, it'll definitely help in our job search.

    Why Athens???
    Well, I've been trying to leave Chicago for the better part of the last 10 years. We (wife and I) finally made the decision to leave and stick to it.

    Athens has two things that make it attractive. One, my Mom lives there and has a 5 bedroom house and just her living there. Two, I want to return to school to complete my ADN to BSN and possibly double major.
    Mom has cheap rent (three months so far and still haven't figured out the rent yet!), lots of space for a newlywed couple to keep privacy, and my wife gets along great with my Mom (maybe too well :uhoh21: ).
    Athens has OU and a bachelors' completion for RNs, also has a nice Jr college in the next town about 15 mi away to take the "bs" classes on the cheap.

    What we're trying to do is gather as much info on the various hospitals as possible without actually sitting down with a nurse recruiter or HR personnel, we want to leave the door open for any potential referral bonuses for folks who might want to split it with us (Know anyone??).
    We went to Holzer Hosp in Jackson yesterday, but after hours so we didn't even get to see the nursing units or to talk to any nursing staff. It's seems to be a nice place and looks brand new, but it's small.
    We went to O'Bleness Hosp in Athens today, during business hours talked briefly with an HR rep who then let us roam about the place, we talked to an LPN and RN on their Med/Surg unit and gave us a lot of info. It helps that we "acquired" a copy of the hospital contract before we moved, so we have a very good idea of the pay there. It seems to be nicely upkept (didn't smell) even though it's an older facility, it is small but growing a little.

    My wife is really very nervous about the whole experience, the last hosp we worked was her first healthcare experience whereas I've worked in hosps since high school and came from a family of folks who mostly worked in hosps.
    The main thing that worries me is the lack of a challenge in these small hosps. The last hosp we worked for was a 443 bed teaching facility in Chicago, there it was actually considered a community hosp and probably bigger than most in Ohio overall, surprisingly for a time we did more cardiac interventions (cath, CEAs, CABGs, etc) than other big name hosp in the Chciago area. The unit I worked on was 44 beds and larger by itself than either Holzer or Obleness, also it was a very busy surgical tele/SICU step-down unit with post-CABG, big bellies, vents, etc., soooooo, I'm worried about keeping up my skills. My wife probably just wants the place to be nice and friendly and have good benefits.

    Well, sorry for the long reply and thanks again for your input, keep it coming!
    We're probably looking to get my wife a FT gig by end of April and I'm looking for something PT around the same time.
    Thanks, Bill.
  9. by   barefootlady
    Hi Billzie,
    I can understand your wanting to keep skill level up but if that is such a worry then you could always travel to Columbus on one or two weekends to work at a bigger and more up-to-date facility. Personally, I would thank my stars that I could work and go to school but not have an overly stressful job for a little while. Just my take on the subject. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  10. by   renerian
    Thanks for the reply. I was out of town on business and could not respond earlier. Yes I saw on the earlier post about a weekend option. Maybe the hospital in Logan? Very small but nice. Not a major hospital trauma center at all. If you want something small let me know. I can get you the name of who to contact.

  11. by   barefootlady
    Which junior college are you referring to?
  12. by   jlbns
    Welcome to Ohio! I have worked for Adena Health System based in Chillicothe, OH for ten years now. I started off in lab as a phlebo, moved up as a tech in ER and then as an MA at the Jackson facility. Currently, I am enrolled in the Talent Investment Program. Adena is sending me for my ADN at Eastern Kentucky University (they pay tuition, books, travel, and salary). Adena is an excellent facility, with equitable pay and a great working environment. The website is www.adena.org and I would encourage you to visit. Good Luck.