1. Does anyone know if an RN in the state of Ohio with an EMT-B certification can challenge the paramedic certification exam? or...if the medical director can sign off the RN with EMT-B certification as being competent to provide care at that level? I have received mixed information from a vast array of sources but hoping someone may know the answer to this very question.I am an RN-BSN in the ED and also volunteer as a firefighter outside of work. I have wanted to venture into the prehospital care realm since before nursing school and am just now returning to complete the EMT-B certification, but would like to further my knowledge and abilities outside of the hospital by obtaining the paramedic cert. However, the time involved in obtaining the paramedic certification has seemed overwhelming in addition to a full time occupation, so I am just trying to glean some knowledge and wisdom from others out there who may have been there and done it before.

    Thanks for any information that can be provided out there!
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  3. by   ArrowRN
    You'd have to check that state paramedic requirements website, I know it can be done in Florida
  4. by   akulahawkRN
    You'll have to check your State's EMS regulations for the answer. Most states do allow an RN, PA, or MD/DO to challenge the Paramedic exam and get licensed/certified as a Paramedic. Some states may require that you do a field internship as well, to show that you also have the scene management skills necessary to be a Paramedic and meet whatever skills completion requirements are present. California is one such state. You have to show that your education meets certain requirements and that gets you a seat at taking the written exam. Then you may be required to take a skills exam and you WILL be required to complete a 480 hour field internship while getting 40 "ALS" contacts. That doesn't include Cardiac Monitoring or simple IV starts, if memory serves. That's California for you. Other states may be similar in what they require, but you must check with them about their exact requirements to earn the Paramedic License.

    Good luck!
  5. by   mcknis
    I am hoping someone from Ohio may have been trough a similar situation as well.
  6. by   FlyingScot
    Unfortunately, in Ohio, you have to take the entire EMT-B course and most of the EMT-P course. You wouldn't pass the EMT-B course with just your nursing education due to the operational/scene questions on the exam and you probably wouldn't pass the practical either. We just aren't taught that stuff for the most part.