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im looking into lpn programs in columbus,and im not sure where to go or start,i was reading up on hondros college and i like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and then you can start the Read More

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    @teecee i am planning to attend Hondros in April as well. The tuition is a little high because it is a private school. The tuition is about $20,000. Its an accelerated program you will have your LPN in 4 quarters and your RN in 6 additional quarters. They also have a RN to BSN bridge that you can get in 4 quarters after your RN all online. You should attend an information session at your desired campus. I went to one and it was very informative.

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    I must say Hondros really ropes you in with the Pollyanna style story you get from the admissions lady. Once you start however you are nickle and dimed all the time. You are treated like a 5 yr old and when you ask for help it is used against you. Clinicals are not located anywhere near where people live. Professors make threats of failing students. If you are a pretty girl then you can do whatever you want. Support staff are so rude and lazy. They charge 1000 for the computer, but you can go on Dell's website and get it for 1/2 the price. The uniforms are crap and cost 200 for 4 pair. You ask a question and no one knows the answer. BLIND LEADING THE BLIND RUN FROM HONDROS AND RUN FAR
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    Hondrossucks please which campus do u attend?
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    I have to agree with Hondrossucks sentiment, though I might disagree with a few details. Clinical locations, at least for the West Chester/Cinci campus were placed fairly well, but even if they were not, I wouldn't concern myself with that, but rather what kind of facility it is. I agree that rules aren't always held to, but I saw no correlation with how students looked (in fact a couple girls that would surely be classified as pretty appealed to the admins for leniency and were denied). The uniforms were actually not bad imo, but yeah the cost, as with everything at this school, was ridiculous. I left a longer review in the other Hondros thread you can see in this forum.
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    Hello. To those of you who are considering this school I would not recommend attending this college. I personaly just graduated from the LPN program and have found this place a horrific run business. The only way that I see this place getting positive reviews is from facualty logging on to write positive stuff. Schedules changed 48 hrs at the start of the term, teachers quitting in the middle of term, lost clinical sites and the list goes on. Over a dozen teachers quit over a course of two terms and the promise of NLN that was made two years ago has never been fulfilled. The class starts with about 80 students at the first term LPN and ends with about 20 graduating by 4th term.
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    You can also reference this closed thread, just work from the last post backwards since some are pretty old:
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    I Love Hondros college. The instructors are awesome and very supportive. There are a diverse range of ethnic groups in this school. I would recommend this school to anyone. I am working in the hospital setting now! I got hired as an STNA while doing my clinicals in a nursing home. They said that they like the students from this school. Its hard work but worth it!!

    I love this school!
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    What's the worse thing about the school to you? I am very interested in attending.
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    I'm in California, Everest college which is the only school in Riverside County that would take me without prerequisites is a WHOOPING $68,000. So think again BEFORE complaining about cost.
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    You're comparing the cost of something in California to the cost of something in Ohio. Perhaps you are the one who should do some thinking before posting.

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