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im looking into lpn programs in columbus,and im not sure where to go or start,i was reading up on hondros college and i like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and then you can start the Read More

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    Thanks Carabeth23 and I wish u good luck.

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    I started yesterday, so far so good
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    Yeah same 2 me. I hope everything will b fine. GOOD LUCK!
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    Thanks! And congrats! I cant wait to start in January just hope its not as busy as my LPN school. And Im still a little worried about the financial aid aspect of it. Hoping I dont have a payment while in school. I dont know how I would pay it!
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    I would like to tell u to talk 2 yr financial advisor about to make it clear, and secure yrself. The classes r really intensive but i had transfer some credits so it's little hard than usual. So i strongly encourage, keep it up.
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    Thanks and yeah they dont even do your financial aid til after you apply and pay all the fees. So thats a little scary. But all the schools I have looked into r the same. But still have my heart on going there!
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    I just started the lpn program 4 weeks ago at the Cleveland campus. Our teachers are really knowlegeable and have been teaching for years. They still have to work the kinks out due to this being the first nursing class in independence. All in all everything is going well. So far so good. I really like Hondros and would recommend it to anyone who wants a career in nursing.
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    Hi all,

    I am a 5th term RN student and the Student Ambassador for all campuses. I am happy to help in anyway I can to help ensure a great student experience and life at Hondros College. I know there are a lot of discussion about Hondros and each individual has their own experience. As with any college or institution it's what you put in, will be what you get out. I have had my ups ands downs as well, but I am very pleased and grateful to be part of this college.

    It has been a rewarding experience and I do not believe that the college only focuses on passing HESI/NCLES, but the curriculum really prepares you for life as a nurse. They start with fundamentals and continue to build on those.

    It has been my experience that the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

    Please feel free to contact me at if you have any further questions/concerns.

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    Hey nylasmom I'm going to I am going to apply at hondros I'm nervous about the test when Im going to the information class and I'm buy the study guide book at the book store if I study ch1-4 and read chapter 7 will I be fine and is it a hard school to get in to I'm applying for lpn I'm excited and u
    All ur shots have to be completed before you start or can u ay least have most of them don I'm going to the Cleveland campus I want to start in Jan or Apr
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    I'm thinking of going to Hondros by April 2012 for the LPN to Rn bridge program. Please can someone tell me how much the program is. I heard it's expensive but i'd like to know roughly how much or exactly how much. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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