Promedica Nurse Residency Program

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    I just wanted to start a thread about the May 2013 Promedica Nurse Residency Program in Ohio. Has anyone applied to this program? If so, have you heard anything back yet? If anyone has applied to the program in the past and can shed some insight or experiences that would be greatly appreciated also.
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  3. by   notallwhowander
    I applied and received a call back yesterday for an initial screening. They said they were in the middle of calling all the applicants to do an initial screening (essentially just verifying some information and a few basic questions) and when they were done with that, they would start with a second round of phone interviews. Good luck (to both of us)!
  4. by   Purp08
    I applied for the cohort in February 2013 and the start date is in May and I haven't heard anything back yet so I guess it's a no for me. However, I did get the initial phone screen then about 2 weeks later I was called for an interview so good luck to you.
  5. by   notallwhowander
    I hate how a lot of these places can't at least send you a form email saying "sorry, unfortunately blah blah blah". You'd think it wouldn't be too hard to just mass email a group of people. Ugh.
  6. by   Purp08
    I agree, sadly this has become the norm. Well at least in my experience in the nursing world. I have received better feedback from fast food places or retail stores that I worked at as a teenager. If you happen to move further along in the process and have any questions feel free to ask me.
  7. by   lyela
    Unfortunately, Promedica and Mercy have a near monopoly on nursing position in NW Ohio and with the oversupply of nurse in the area; hence professionalism toward nurses has suffered. This trend started in 2008 and continues today with no end in sight. Promedica has a particularly bad reputation in recruiting and making statement that simply aren’t true. In a discussion on this very topic a group of nurses at a professional association all were in agreement that this seems to be the case. They all lamented the fact but were resigned to it.

    It is not just the corporate entities that caused this lack of respect and courtesy to the nursing profession, nursing schools everywhere are constantly pushing the myth of a nursing career without regard to whether or not there will be employment when you are handed a very expensive piece of paper. Nursing school want to fill seats so they can increase their salaries and get tenure. Then some (more than they would admit to) slid in to mediocrity and their classes become a horrible bore where misinformation is routinely dispensed.

    Nursing is a noble profession, but to many, it is just commodity.
  8. by   HopefulICURN
    I hope you see this! I am actually in the running for the nurse residency program that starts in October and have an interview in 2 weeks! Do you like it? Was it what you expected? I was hoping for a residency opportunity once I graduated because they all sounded so amazing!
  9. by   Mandy0728
    My friend did promedica's nurse residency at Toledo hospital a year ago. She got hired in the Neuro ICU. She loved the residency. Since I'm going to BG for their nursing program, I'm applying through UTMC for a job.
  10. by   mkonigs
    I just got offered a spot for med-surg for the october program. Sounds like a good opportunity. Not sure if I should take it? I haven't heard whether anyone really has enjoyed the program besides the above comment.