PCA/CNA whatever jobs, Columbus area

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    Patient care assistant/certified nurse assistant/whatever similar jobs........how the heck do you find classes/training for this? I've been combing the OSU med center's page as well as Riverside's page trying to find a clue or at least proper contact information to ask someone...........I am lost. I'm a university student looking for a part time job so I can quit my crappy pappy retail job and be in the hospital environment before starting my Columbus State RN program saga. AHHHHHHHH. I'm an intelligent person but I feel like they had to put some real effort into making this such a ridiculous maze.

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    Hi! Although I'm in Indiana, not Ohio, when I was trying to get certified, I sat down with the phone book and called every nursing home and hospital in my area. Everyone that I talked to told me..."I got vertified here, but they are doing it any more." And when I called and they told me no, I would ask them if they knew of any one that was offering the class. I finally found a Nursing Home that had a class, but I had to work for them for 6 months and the class was free. After that I went to a community hospital, which was better. Good luck!!!
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    Columbus State offers Mult 120 and 126, which is nurse aide training and patient care assistant.
    Also, the Mount Carmels offer training onsite

    hope this helps
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    It occured to me awhile after making that post that I'll be taking MULT 120 and 126 @ CSCC in the fall, God willing I am able to register for the classes when the time comes. Duh @ me. :-) Do you know any more about Mount Carmel?

    EDIT: I'm looking at the website now at the job postings.......they seem to be more helpful in terms of information than OSU or Riverside.
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    I don't know much about what they offer, I just know that they do offer that, from talking with the nurses at St Ann's and Mt Carmel West, since I've been there for clinicals the last 3 quarters.
    My clinical instructor this quarter actually works at Mount Carmel, and she helps out in the IV education courses there.
    She told us that at West, they do onsite training for the PCA's and other personnel.
    You can also check at any vocational high school. I know the ones in Delaware and Marion both offer short term coures in Aide training. I would think if there are any schools like that in Columbus they might offer something like that too.

    Good luck!
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    You've been a great help! Thanks so much!

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