options after failing cuyahoga community-Cleveland, OH

  1. I was attending a local community college, tri-c. I failed my first semester and now I'm ready to go back. I work four days a week and have two kids now, I had only one child when I was in the program. I'm not sure if I should go back to where I was, which is an ADN program, or try to get into a BSN. The first time around I was working five days a week which I now realize it was way too much for me. I went through hell when I was in the nursing program to get the work schedule I currently have. I now work every Friday through Monday (32 hours) and get paid for 40 hours. I would be willing to cut back to 24 hours if necessary but I'm just confused as to which direction to go in now.

    I'm looking at Cleveland State and Notre Dame College (OHIO) for BSN programs. Any info on those schools??

    So, any advice would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance
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    I can't respond back through private messaging because I don't have enough posts. I do apologize for taking so long to respond but I haven't been on the site in awhile. Thank you for your response.

    Please let me make some things clear. I NEVER once said that my life was less stressful now or that a BSN is easy nor was I trying to imply it. I considered a BSN because I wanted to earn it and will need it. My children are not a stress factor but I fully understand that attending nursing school with young children (3 yr old & 5 mo. old) is crazy. I'm not waiting until they're in school before I go back to school.

    Honestly, I never considered the PN program at tri-c but it may be the best option for me since I have two kids and need to work. I'm not sure if I would have to reapply as a new student since I was in the RN program but would possibly be switching to the PN program. I started the RN program in spring 2012 so I haven't been out for 2 years. I know for a fact that I don't have any learning issues, I have never had any problems in school. Test anxiety???? I'm normally okay on tests, but nursing school tests are a different animal. However, I did have difficulty adjusting to the nursing style test questions.
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    From what I understand, BSN programs are selective, being as you failed out of Tri-C's program, that may be a huge negative for when you apply. Check out the Cleveland State website, they list what the average gpa is there, and they used to list how many applicants they have vs accepted, etc.

    I just finished LCCCs program with three young kids - my youngest was 6 months when I started and the oldest was entering kindergarten. I have a great husband, an awesome sitter and I made it through, but I do not work.