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What's up, you all? I'm very excited to start nursing school this fall at an OU Regional Campus. I would like to hear from former, current, and future students of Ohio University Regional Campuses about their experiences, advice,... Read More

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    Hi all- I'm currently attending OUZ, and biting my nails to see if I was accepted into RN ADN program for Spring 2011. I'm freaking out because they met early this week...but as of yesterday (Thurs) letters had not been mailed out. WHY THE WAIT??? They are KILLING me. Ha.

    So any input from anyone? What tools are good? Any organization tools you've learned? I'm on the OCD side and if I am not organized, I tend to freak. Lol. Any input of any kind is appreciated.

    Anyone out there willing to share what their GPA and HESI scores were when they were accepted? How many times you applied? And what classes you had left at the time you got in? Also, did you have any clinical experience etc?

    Thanks so much! I've tried asking a couple of people at school and it's hit or miss if they are nice enough to remember sitting in my shoes...

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