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  1. What's up, you all? I'm very excited to start nursing school this fall at an OU Regional Campus. I would like to hear from former, current, and future students of Ohio University Regional Campuses about their experiences, advice, and questions. What should I expect? What classes are cool? Which ones are not? How are clinicals? What equipment will I need to purchase? The handbook is not very clear. I have questions and am looking for people patient enough to help me. Your response is appreciated.
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  3. by   VinoLover2030
    I have been looking into OHIO University...( Not to be confused with OHIO StATE) Im still researching for their RN to BSN program
  4. by   mrzgirl
    For starters, I hope that you have already heard that nursing school is no walk on the beach. Expect it to be difficult - the questions that you see at the end of your text book chapters are way easier than you will ever see on the tests. I can't stress this enough - USE YOUR NCLEX REVIEW BOOK TO STUDY. Make it your nursing school bible. I had a professor tell me last spring that at the last convention she went to in Athens, they told instructors not to teach from the textbook, but from the NCLEX book. Honestly, I studied my NCLEX book more the first quarter than my text for nursing 101. The DVD's that come with the book are also very helpful and cut a lot of time out of reading. I think more of my classmates had an easier time with 102 than 101, simply because the questions are more cut-and-dry.
    That being said, as far as the campus that I go to - I don't have too many positives to say about it. There is 1 good instructor out of the entire pool who doesn't stand and read verbatim right off the computer screen for the entire 5 hours class is in session. (And I've heard this about other campuses too.) The professors and the book will often disagree, but if a significant percentage of the class does miss the question, they will likely give credit for it. Expect that to happen more as the quarter goes on and they see just how many people in the class are below an 80%...When it comes right down to people not passing, they'll do almost anything for ya'll to get as many people to pass as they possibly can so they don't look bad.
    Don't expect organization - my class asked for a list of dates for all of our check offs, projects, etc. and our 101 instructor said that was simply not possible, and here was her reason: "Because the lab coordinator has the HESI tests to contend with, and she doesn't know when she has to give those, so she can't restrict her schedule too far in advance." So, needless to say, by the 7th week we were all running around like chickens with our heads cut off because we had a test in both classes (over 6 chapters in each class) two weeks in a row, we had a 10 page paper due, with a presentation the following week, and head-to-toe assessment on top of our normal workload.
    Finally, the flip side is, our clinical instructors were wonderful!! I couldn't have asked for a better mentor for my first quarter. If it hadn't of been for her, I don't know how many in my clinical group would have made it through! She taught us how to be "real world nurses" and not "book nurses." Oh, and if you're hearing any rumors about your campus, I would go directly to the director and talk to him/her, or call the Ohio BON education department. I found out that a lot of the rumors about my campus simply were not true.

    In short, study, study, study, stay organized, and don't forget to catch a few hours of shut eye! This all may sound scary, and I hope your first quarter experience goes better than mine, but once you get through first quarter you'll feel as though you can accomplish anything (trust me, I switched to nursing from astrophysics and I thought I had seen worse, but I quickly learned)!! Oh, and cut back on working as many hours as you possibly can because it will make things so much less stressful on you.

    Good luck!
  5. by   VinoLover2030
    I have decided to go. The poster above posted alot of good info but it sounds more like for someone who is new to nursing school as opposed to " hey i have been there, done that and going back to add to what I have." Personally I have my RN and want my BSN. I work full time and will continue to because I have to. I will be doing the RN to BSN online. After speaking with the school, There are no clinicals and tuition is 157 dollars per credit hour. It is accredited and it sounds wonderful to me.I hope this helps. If all fails I would say to call the school. Have a list of questions you need answered to make an informed choice and go from there
  6. by   NewOUZgrad
    Good luck at OU this fall. I graduated in August from OUZ and passed Nclex a week and a half ago. They changed the program on us halfway through regarding 6th qtr. It used to be an easy 6th with precepting and meeting with cliinical instructor a couple of times a quarter. NOW it is an all day class with a test or two every week-some would say good prep for NCLEX but I found it to be a complete waste of time. They dont even go over the material, just test you and then do seminars on topics not found on NCLEX. They say it raised their pass rates a couple of points but it frustrated nearly everyone in class. But overall good program. Several great teachers-Tim Blake: psych, Stacy Sweet-musculoskeletal. Some of the profs just read verbatim overhead slides. Buy a good NCLEX book such as Gail Hogan wrote (large red book) and use that as study aid. I did over 4000 NCLEX ?s as practice before test and passed in 45 minutes and minimum 75 questions.
  7. by   GrantG85
    SSHANON81- I am looking into OU and started talking to a advisor/recruiter for them. Did you end up starting, and if so how is it going? Did you have to take the extra junior level comp course?
  8. by   mtsteelhorse
    I am looking into the online RN-BSN at OU. Anyone with feedback on the online??? The tuition is more reasonable than most. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!
  9. by   VinoLover2030
    Im applying tonight. It still looks like they have no clinicals. I have to get all my transcripts sent in as of yet but I am looking to start Mar 28 2011
  10. by   cailian
    Hi, Sshannon81,
    I just sent OU my application for spring semester too. Let's what comes next.....
  11. by   mtsteelhorse
    SShannon81...yep, no clinicals. You did those to get your RN so the rest is didactic. Good luck!
  12. by   opey9519
    Hi all- I'm currently attending OUZ, and biting my nails to see if I was accepted into RN ADN program for Spring 2011. I'm freaking out because they met early this week...but as of yesterday (Thurs) letters had not been mailed out. WHY THE WAIT??? They are KILLING me. Ha.

    So any input from anyone? What tools are good? Any organization tools you've learned? I'm on the OCD side and if I am not organized, I tend to freak. Lol. Any input of any kind is appreciated.

    Anyone out there willing to share what their GPA and HESI scores were when they were accepted? How many times you applied? And what classes you had left at the time you got in? Also, did you have any clinical experience etc?

    Thanks so much! I've tried asking a couple of people at school and it's hit or miss if they are nice enough to remember sitting in my shoes...