New student here at Hondros

  1. First off, since this is my first post, I would like to say hello to everyone here!

    I have been trolling this site and forum for several months ever since I decided to make the switch to nursing school. I was at the University of Cincinnati for 3 years (2 years in business and 1 year in IT) before I decided to look into their nursing school. But their waiting list was over a year long. So after looking on here I saw the list of schools with no waiting list and saw Hondros on in. I just started my classes on Monday (Jan 7th) so I've only been in it for about a week now. But so far it seems good, the only thing I can compare it to is business and IT classes at UC. But if anyone has any questions about Hondros I would be more than happy to answer them for you. Also just FYI I'm taking my classes at the West Chester and Mason locations.

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  3. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to the forums, Tim. Continued luck and success in school!
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    Hey Tim! It's're in my class!! I'm glad I'm not the only Hondros student here now! Talk to you later!
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    Well come the board....welcome to the family .......good luck through the program..
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    So..... Just wondering how you like the Hondros program. Hope things are going well! Have heard that they are looking into expanding the program by offering classes at more locations and have been thinking about checking them out. How are they working clinical rotations? Is the faculty/student ratio decent? Do you like their curriculum?
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    i'm starting the hondro's program in july! i was hoping to start at the one in west chester but have not been able to find an affordable daycare. so if anyone knows of one let me know. if not i'm going to be starting at the one in dayton. i'm getting ready to take my hesi exam. did you guys think that was easy? do you like the program so far?
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    Hi Tim! I literally JUST saw an ad today for Hondros.... the reason I am here today (just signed up today as well) is to find something out about it.

    Is it accredited? Do you like it? etc.... I am currently at CSCC but can't even apply until Jan 2009 and wont start if lucky until Sept 2009. So I am looking to find something that isn't going to take me forever! Thanks!
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    Hondros is a great school, I'm graduating in June with my RN, my clinicals were great with a fanastic preceptorship in ICU!
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    What are the admission requirement GPA wise? They don't list anything on their website. Is it competitive?
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    I just applied and was accepted. i had to take the HESI exam for admission and the only thing with GPA was my transfer credits had to be a "C" or better for gen ed classes. you can just call them at 1888Hondros and they are great about answering questions for you!
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    Hi All,

    Does the HESI test in Hondros include Physics ? Is it a really hard test ? Is it a timed test ? your help is appriciated

    OH Girl