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  1. Has anyone interviewed for the Mount Carmel College of Nursing Second Degree Accelerated Program (MCCN SDAP) in Columbus, OH? I would like to start preparing in case I am asked to interview. What kinds of questions do they ask? Is it a panel interview? How long is the interview? Any helpful tidbits would be great! Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   combsj25
    Hi MissPickleJean:
    I am applying to MCCN as well. But I have no answers to your questions I am afraid. I would be happy to share if I hear anything and ask you do the same. I will send you a friend request. Do you live in Columbus now? Are you applying anywhere else?

    Oh and Did you post this under the OH State Nursing Programs forum on this site? You will likely have much better luck there.

    Good Luck to you!
  4. by   MissPickleJean
    How do I post it under the OH State Nursing Programs forum. I'm not sure where to find that. Thanks!

    I am not currently applying anywhere else. I do not live in OH right now but will be relocating in May to Columbus. I am from Columbus originally.
  5. by   combsj25
    I am not currently in Ohio either, but also originally from there.
    Did you find the OH section?
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to OH State Nursing Program forum to elicit further response.
  7. by   MissPickleJean
    @JustBeachyNurse: Thank you.
  8. by   jamisaurus
    They ask a lot of questions about how you handle stress because its such a time commitment. They ask about how you will handle the intensity, do you have a good support system, and and what are some things you will be sacrificing for the program.
  9. by   MissPickleJean
    Very, very helpful. Thank you for the reply! I really appreciate it and congrats on getting into the program.
  10. by   jamisaurus
    [no problem! Message me if you have any more questions. I want to make myself available for future students because there isn't much info out there.
  11. by   jamisaurus
    Also if you get on the wait list you're basically in. I was #15. There's up to 30 spots. So continue your pre Reqs if you're wait listed!
  12. by   MissPickleJean
    If you get wait listed and then they let you in, do you still start in January? Just wondering b/c I am taking my pre-reqs but CSCC won't take my Chem and Bio 100 from HS b/c I took them more than 3 years ago so I have to test out of them - yikes! If I get a C on the placement test for both I can continue to take my pre-reqs, 2 this summer as 2 in the fall.

    Again, so glad you got in and thanks for the help! It's much appreciated.
  13. by   rk256103
    MissPickleJean, I am taking the CHEM test hoping to test out as well. REALLY don't want to have to take any classes I don't have to!!
    I graduated more than 5 years ago, but I am able to get into Micro, Anatomy and Physiology because luckily took basic BIO in college.

    I am planning on taking it sometime next month so I can register for summer classes based on whether or not I pass.

    If I take it before you I will let you know and give you any advice I can!!

    Are you in any classes right now?? I am in Micro and Nutrition, next quarter I plan on taking Anatomy and either Organic Chem or basic Chem based on how I do.
  14. by   jamisaurus
    My friend found out TWO WEEKS before the program started that she got in. So yes you'll start in january with everyone else. Another friend found out the same time for last years program. Since she couldnt up and quit her job she deferred to the next year. I can't tell you enough to continue with your pre Reqs!!!