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  1. I am a current student at LCCC - I am currently enrolled in Microbiology and A&PII, and by the time I finish this semester, I will have completed all of the required support courses for LCCC (Stats, A&P I and II, Micro, Psych, Soc, College Comp I, Human Growth & Development, with some other classes riddled in there for good measure haha) My main interest is finishing up my ADN as quickly as possible because I plan on moving out of state to be closer to family after that and pursuing my BSN after the move... Basically, the wait list at LCCC seems to be ever growing and I don't have any clue as to when I am going to potentially be called for clinicals - I have been told next fall, I've been told Fall 2014 - and I want to know more about Tri-C. Is the clinical wait shorter at Tri-C? Are the LCCC credits I have transferable? I feel like for the last three semesters I have had a clear goal from one semester to the next and now I've realized after this semester I will just be twiddling my thumbs. Okay, not literally, I was going to keep taking courses towards my BSN and some other courses I have been interested in, but not having a definite idea of when I will finally be in clinicals is... annoying for lack of a better word at the moment, haha.

    Any ideas? Any information or help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   jennylouwho
    Have you checked into CSU's program? Once you have all of the support courses done (and you'll have most of them), it's only three years of clinicals. If I didn't have young kids, I would have opted for it. I seriously considered it. They take applications for fall class at the beginning of the year, I think Feb is the deadline. They interview you, look at grades, etc and then make selections, there are no wait lists.

    Are you on the waiting list now? It's anywhere from 1.5 to 2 years waiting right now. There are people in my class (we just started) that got on the list as early as March 2009 and as late as December 2009. There was a large influx of people getting on the list during that time because they changed from requiring Eng 2 to Stats. So, it may move fairly quickly for next semester's class. Depending upon when you got on the list, you might start next fall.

    For Tri-C, most, if not all of your credits will transfer. I looked into them as well. They're probably sitting for the fall 2013 class now, so yeah, you wouldn't need to wait as long if you haven't been on LCCCs wait list very long. Oh, and you need a Chem, which if you took it in HS you might not have had to take at LCCC.
  4. by   L.Smith107
    I researched a bit into it just the other day at the suggestion of my mother. However, I have a 1 year old daughter and we don't have a reliable support system for sitters, so it has been a balance between my husband and I since she was born last August, him working and myself in school.

    The biggest benefit to going to one of the community colleges as opposed to CSU is the difference in tuition. I am really hoping to get through this with as little owed back in loans as possible. I do think it would be worth looking into CSU again if it would be me working towards my BSN instead of obtaining an ADN and then pursing a BSN...

    Oh and I forgot to mention above I do have high school honors Chemistry I & II taken my sophomore and senior years... I know that qualifies towards the degree at LCCC, is it the same at Tri-C?

    I applied for nursing in May of this year Makes it even worse... I just feel like I'm going to be at a stand still while waiting, and I hate that feeling! Hahaha

    Thank you again for the information
  5. by   jennylouwho
    Nope, the Chem won't count at Tri-C. And you can't apply until you have that Chem, so you likely wouldn't get into the fall class next year, rather the spring class. And you might get into LCCCs spring class next year as well. It's probably worth it to take it just in case the wait will be longer.

    I totally understand the childcare issues. I have three kids, including a 7 month old. We pay for childcare - I get student loans for that purpose.

    Ultimately, when I realized that I could transfer to Tri-C and then realized I needed Chem, I figured out that by the time that I got that taken and took their entrance exam, I'd be getting into LCCC at the same time or one more semester. Since I was thinking about the kids, I factored in the drive time and realized that even with worst case scenario of waiting one more semester, it would still be worthwhile because I wouldn't be traveling as far, and thus allow me more time in the day to be with my kids.

    I would suggest going to enrollment services at LCCC and asking to set an appointment with the nursing counselor. You don't want to see an adviser- they all give you a different story. The nursing counselor is more in the know and will be able to give you an accurate prediction for when you'll get into the program. It takes about six weeks to see him, but it was worth it for me. I went to see him in late Feb 2010. Prior, I was told by different advisers that I would start for sure Jan 2011, but maybe Fall 2010. Um, yeah, he told me that wasn't going to happen. He told me that I wouldn't get into the Fall for sure, that I wouldn't get into the Spring 2011 class and that I might not get into the Fall 2011 class, but he saw no reason why I wouldn't start for sure by Spring 2012. I was so upset - which is when I started researching alternatives. I missed CSUs cut off by two weeks at that point. I thought about taking Chem in Fall 2010 and then applying to Tri-C, but I knew that it would be Fall 2011 at that point for a Tri-C start and I had a shot at LCCC for that time frame.
  6. by   AgentBeast

    They do have the Westshore campus in Westlake which isn't all that far from LCCC. You are going to end up driving a fair distance for clinicals anyways.
  7. by   L.Smith107
    I ended up getting accepted into the program way earlier than I had anticipated. I finished my prereq courses (micro and A&PII) in December and getting my letter in March. So I will be in nursing classes starting August 27th! I am very excited it worked out that way. I get to stay at LCCC and not wait for forever.
  8. by   snickers21
    Congratulations! I'm starting to get so excited. Good luck to you this semester!
  9. by   L.Smith107
    I'm a terrible mix of excited and anxious, hah Good luck to you as well, and also a congratulations for getting in! Well worth the wait

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