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Hi everyone, Kettering College of Medical Arts near Dayton just started a new BSN program and they are phasing out their ADN program. Does anyone have any experience with this college? I've looked... Read More

  1. by   sharpest
    I started my nextern classes yesterday and the powers that be for the program were in the room talking about how there were over 400 applicants for this fall's nursing program at Kettering. The program can only accommodate 88, so I believe that may be why you got wait listed. I know some people are getting their prerequisites done before they get accepted into their program. The physical school is not very big and they have been expanding to accommodate the growth. Sorry to hear about that, Steinbam. Good luck.
  2. by   Dee_RN
    Ok thanks soooo much!!
  3. by   Dee_RN
    Quote from sharpest
    Dee, I have a friend now who is going through the BSN program now. She is doing full time, but she isn't working. That is about to change because she just passed her boards and has her second interview for a position. She will be dropping to part time status starting with fall semester, but had she not done that - it would only have taken her a year to be completed with the RN-BSN program. If she goes part time the most it will take her to complete is 5 semesters instead of 3. All core nursing classes are offered during summer. You can copy and paste this link to more information: Bachelor's Completion in Nursing | Kettering College | Dayton, Ohio
    Omg thank you so much I had no idea of how many semesters it took to complete the program! I'm just ready to start!