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I have been out of school since Aug 2010, and I have yet to find a hospital job. I don't know what to do :confused:?? I have filled out numerous applications, I have called every nurse recruiter, and... Read More

  1. by   Dee_RN
    THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! So finally after MONTHS of applying I finally received a job off at a hospital . I can say from my experience NEVER stop applying, because no matter how many NO's you get all you need is for that one person to say YES. Take advantage of this website because there are so many good post and ideas for you to learn and gain on how to interview, create a resume and much more. To all the AAS, ADN nurses don't give up hope, the hospitals love us too lol!!!
  2. by   snickers21
    Congratulations Dee!
  3. by   Dee_RN
    Quote from snickers21
    Congratulations Dee!
    THANK YOU!!!
  4. by   beachyfe
    Quote from Dee_RN
    I truly believe it is not what you know, but who you know to get into any hospital.

    This is absolutely true - especially in a tight job market! Two of us got laid off and within 3 weeks the other person had a good hospital job because the manager is her friend. I'm still unemployed 3 months later because I don't know anyone in a hospital, despite having had 5 interviews in my specialty area.

    P.S. The other person asked this manager if she had another position for me and, of course, she does not.
  5. by   nurse2it
    The state of our economy has made all employers skittish about adding to their workforce. Networking is crucial. You must make yourself stand out from the crowd. Consider volunteering where you want to work, that way you will get to know people on the inside who may be willing to hand your resume to the hiring managers. Join a professional organization, attend their meetings and get to know/talk to people who are in the know about job openings before they are posted externally. The old way of looking for a job just does not work today, it really is about connections and people skills. You probably will not get your dream job right away, but take anything to get your foot in the door.

    Finally, try not to appear desperate. I know how frustrating a job search can be, but having a good attitude is key. If you land an interview, write a thank you note, even if you don't get the job. Ask for feedback on how you can improve. Talk to hiring managers and ask what qualities they are seeking in a nurse. It may take a while, but your persistence will pay off, don't give up!

    Best of luck to you.
  6. by   _Andvari

    I just read this thread, and your new job offer gives me hope that I will eventually find my first job too....

    I have my BSN and I have been searching alllll over Ohio for an RN position (yes, I have even applied for LTC, home health, etc). After three months, 350+ applications, and only one interview opportunity- I was on the verge of giving up !!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, thank you for the inspiration- and congrats!
  7. by   caliotter3
    I once lived in an area that had several nursing schools, and I mean several, pumping out new nurses on a regular basis. And we are not even addressing the other factors in that particular job market. When it became impossible to find work in spite of years of experience, I moved to a different area, and immediately found two jobs. But now that particular area is saturated. If you are willing to relocate, you can find work. Then, after the job market changes, you might be able to return to, or find, the area where you really want to stay.