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Are there any OSUMC RN Internship/Residency Graduates out there? I've been offered an interview for their program and am looking for any hints/tips you may have. It's a panel interview and the program is extremely... Read More

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    For those of you who applied to the OSU internship programs and got a you have ADN degrees or BSN degrees? Do you know if your newly hired coworkers have ADNs or BSNs? I'm concerned about graduating from a 2 year school and not being able to find a job at a good hospital in Columbus when I graduate. Thanks!
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    Me too. I will have an ADN when I graduate and am worried about landing a great job, especially in a specialty area. However, I do have a BA as well, sondo you think that will help me land a job that typically goes to BSN grads only? The bachelors degree is on psychology and I have done substantial heath care related research...
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    Hi Lou,

    I just began OSU's Internship program a week ago and I have a BSN. Don't worry, their Internship/Residency Program is open to BSNs and ADNs. There seems to be a decent amount of both degrees in the program.

    I also have a BA in Psychology but I don't think that helped me get the job. I think what helped me secure a spot in the program was all of the healthcare-related activities I did that were associated with my Psych degree along with all of the Cardiac conferences and other little extras I did that were all associated with my BSN/unit I wanted to pursue after graduating.

    OSU also places alot of importance on the panel interview.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks, that is reassuring to hear. Like you, I already have experience as a PCA and have a previous bachelor's degree in another field. Plus my instructor at CSCC is helping me get a job at OSU now as a PCA so I hope that will earn me some brownie points when I graduate and apply for a nursing job there. It just seems like such a great place to work...such varied patient cases, learning opportunities, excellent pay and benefits...I can't wait until I get to the point that you are now! Thanks again for the info!