CSCC December Online Applicants

  1. You should be getting your acceptance letters any day now, I just got mine. I can't believe I got in.
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  3. by   PaperPencil
    Congrats! I know waiting is stressfull... glad it's over for you
  4. by   msteeleart
    Thank you Kayco.
  5. by   lou_tango

    Would you mind sharing some of your grades and test scores with us? I plan on applying this fall for the spring 2011 class and I'm just wondering if I have what it takes to get in. Would you mind telling me...

    cumulative GPA? (previous colleges and at CSCC/pre-reqs)
    HESI score (or did you take NET)?
    do you think your application number (time submitted) made a difference?

    Thanks in advance if you're willing to share!

  6. by   msteeleart
    My Net score was 86% math and 79% reading. They just ask you for your GPA from your bachelors degree and mine was a 3.29. I have a 3.79 GPA at Columbus State for pre-reqs and previous classes. You also have to write a 300 page or less essay on why online learning is for you. On my entrance letter they said that it is required that you have a 2.6 GPA to continue into the nursing program. A girl in my anatomy class also entered and she got in. I actually slept in that day so I didn't submit my application until 9:45am. Someone told me that they don't do first come first serve for the online because they evaluate your GPA, essay, Net/Hesi score.

    I was worried that I wouldn't get accepted because of hearing rumors of how hard it is to get in. I am glad that I tried, now I just have to get through the anatomy, physiology, microbiology and pathophysiology classes before I start in September. Good luck and don't doubt yourself like I did. I was going to go to Chamberlain and spend a fortune because I didn't think I would get in.
  7. by   lou_tango
    Guess I'm not the only night owl here! Thanks so much for the info. Although I'm naturally still worried about the application, I feel much better after having heard your story. I have a similar circumstance. 3.3 previous GPA, expect to have about 3.7 GPA at CSCC at time of application and plan on studying my butt off for the HESI. Thanks for the input, I'm already feeling more at ease!

  8. by   msteeleart
    I think you will be okay. I have heard that the HESI isn't so bad. People seem to do better on that than the Net. I took the Net in October and it seemed liked an old test written in the 90's. They didn't give you much time to do the reading. I was surprised when I got my Net results, I thought I did bad and didn't feel confident about it at all. Everyone complained about the reading but the math wasn't so bad. Good luck.

    By the way, I study at nights because it is the quietest time. I can concentrate better with the silence. I have a 5 year old and he is noisy so studying during the day is difficult but it is still possible since he lets me study.
  9. by   anilam
    Hey guys I just took my HESI for the second time and scored a 79% and my gpa is a 3.1, I'm so nervous, any thoughts?
  10. by   SeriouslyJen
    You should be fine! You met all the requirements I just applied too, 3.6 GPA and 90% HESI score. Have you heard anything back yet? I'm a nervous wreck!

    Quote from anilam
    Hey guys I just took my HESI for the second time and scored a 79% and my gpa is a 3.1, I'm so nervous, any thoughts?
  11. by   LaurRN3
    I am a graduate of CSCC's nursing program. Please feel free to ask me on here or PM me if you have any questions about the program. I work in nursing education now so I'm more than happy to help in any way I can!