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    I have only lived in Ohio for 5 years and I am really not familiar with the schools. I have recently completed the STNA course and I am waiting to take my State test in Canton. I really want to go to school for LPN. I was considering Bohecker College in Ravenna, does anyone know of this school and what kind of reputation it has? Any advice would be really appreciated....

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    I just started the enrollment process for the LPN to RN 1+1 program at the new Bohecker location in Cincinnati,I wouldn't think there is too much in difference since it's the same school.I know they've been around since 1922 and all of their faculty have many combined years in the profession.I know this isn't much help since I'm new myself but I recommend giving them a call.They'll have you come in for an interview and tell you everything.Which program are you interested in?
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    The bohecker in Columbus is very pricey. they are not nationally accredited, so if you go for your BSN at another college, then the bohecker credits will most likely not transfer. They are an approved school by the board, so you can sit for the nclex. They also do not have a waiting list. So that is good! Good luck!
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    How much is Bohecker? I know it's expensive but how expensive? The whole not being accredited thing makes me wary though b/c I definitely want to bridge to my BSN after getting my ADN.
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    I was told by my admissions rep. in Cincinnati that they ARE accredited,unless it's only this campus but that wouldn't make any sense!My total cost for the 2 year program would roughly be around $35,000 which is expensive but there is open enrollment with no waiting lists.Everything is included along with IV Therapy and you'll have both LPN and RN licenses.
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    Just to clear something up: Many schools call themselves "accredited". My medical assisiting school was "accredited". Being accredited does not mean that credits will transfer. It depends on who the school is accredited by. My MA school was accredited by CAAHAP, but credits do not transfer to other colleges. Even though they said they were "working on" getting credits to transfer to the community college, it never happened.

    Now, Bohecker's credits may or may not transfer, I don't know. I was under the impression that they will not in regards to the columbus location. It is definately something to inquire about before proceeding. Also, I think in Columbus the PN program was about 18K. I don't have the paperwork, but it was something like that. Bohecker is tempting because they don't have a waiting list, and the program is probably good!
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    $35,000 for Bohecker's RN program?!?!! I'm just finishing my degree at OSU this quarter and am definitely NOT willing to dive into $35,000. Wowowowowow. Looks like I'll be playing the eternal waiting game at CSCC.
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    Spoke to my admissions rep. again today and was told that all 3 Bohecker locations ARE different.Cincinnati is approved by the board with all credits transferring through Kettering Medical Center in Dayton.They were just recently told by the board that they have been approved for national accreditation taking affect in February.So you really just have to contact the Ravenna location to see where they currently stand,it would probably be in your best interest to wait until you know for a fact that they are nationally accredited or look into another school.
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    There is another brand new school in Cincinnati that has also just began a 1+1 program(obviously with no waiting list) that is a little cheaper than Bohecker but they will not qualify for federal grants for 2 years...Hondros College Of Nursing ,in Mason(a suburb of Cincinnati)
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    Just saw this post again. So glad to hear that Bohecker's credits will transfer! I am happy to see more nursing schools pop up in Ohio too!

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