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  1. 0 Hi everyone! I am in the process of exploring the many nursing programs in the Columbus area, and was wondering if anyone had recent feedback on the programs. I've scheduled my HESI with Hondros in two weeks, but am also meeting with Fortis and CSCC in the next two weeks. Obviously the cost of CSCC is most enticing, however I've heard even recently it can take awhile to get in. Hondros just got another (or is getting) accreditation, but so pricey and lots of negative comments on here. I'm going the LPN-ADN-BSN-MSN route. Also, I'm going to have to quit my full time job and find something part time to go to school, so I have to time it all just right. Any input would be awesome!
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    Just remember there is probably a wait list for a reason. I've honestly never heard anything good about Hondros, and I've never heard of Fortis. If the school does not already had accredidation, I wouldn't even consider it. There are many good ADN programs in central ohio, I don't really know much about LPN programs. I would suggest looking at the Ohio Board of Nursing website and basing your decision on NCLEX pass rates.
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    Stay away from Fortis and Hondros. Both have bad reputations and have had problems with keeping certification form the state BON. The CSCC LPN program is a good one, and has a great reputation in the community. It's also a part time program, evenings / weekends, that will allow you to work while going to school.

    CSCC has a bridge program for LPN-ADN as well, with all your previous credits transferring.

    The credits you get at CSCC will also transfer to other schools, (OSU, OU, etc.) where as it's probable that credits earned at Fortis or Hondros will NOT transfer. ( Fortis wanted me to retake A&P for their lpn-rn program, even though I took A&P at CSCC. They didn't have a good answer when i asked why they wouldn't accept the credits when every major university in the state would... That's when i walked out..)

    You might also want to consider looking at COTC in Newark. With Rt 161 being a freeway now, the commute from Columbus is only about 20-30 minutes these days. The COTC program is also highly regarded.

    Hocking College in Nelsonville also has a good LPN program.
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    Thanks for the input! I have been looking at COTC; they have an info session coming up that I will go to. I am worried about being stuck in Hondros/Fortis if I don't like the LPN program and want to go somewhere else. They are both like 2 minutes from my house which seemed awesome, but if they aren't any good.. they aren't any good. Has anyone had GOOD experiences with Hondros or Fortis?
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    I'm currently a student at Hondros in Fairborn and went because they were in the final phases of their NLNAC accreditation process but they have since pulled out. While some of the professors are great many MANY others leave a lot to be desired. I'm now on a wait list at Clark State in Springfield. Also none of my credits will transfer so I am basically starting over but with plans of becoming a CRNA I really need to graduate from somewhere with that accreditation. Some of my fellow classmates are enjoying their time at Hondros and I wouldn't say it's been horrible or anything but I just think I could receive a more quality education elsewhere. Good luck in your search!

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