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I'm a new grad RN( just passed boards a couple weeks ago). I went to school at Xavier University-graduated with my BSN in may, and relocated back to the columbus problem.....there is no... Read More

  1. by   mitral
    From what I've been seeing, new grads are not welcome in most places, but especially ADN grads. Now Cincinnati has a bunch of new grad opportunities, and the Cleveland Clinic and Summa as well. But if you're anywhere in the middle of the state- you had better know someone or be prepared for a very crappy job.
  2. by   k_worRN
    I just graduated with my ADN, just took my NCLEX and was hired at OSU pending my NCLEX - I start the beginning of next month. So... but honestly it's who you know, if you work there, and what kind of worker you are. But to say that OSU completely doesn't hire ADNs is not true. The DON encourages hiring of BSNs and word is that Ross and James won't hire an ADN that isn't already accepted to a RN to BSN program.... but it is possible. I had to verbally commit to getting my BSN in the next 5 years.
  3. by   k_worRN
    Quote from foreverLaur
    I have heard from several nurse managers that they will still consider someone with an ADN if that individual is a well-known and well-liked PCA at OSUMC. I know Children's only hires ADN nurses if that nurse is actively enrolled in a RN-BSN program.
    And a girl I graduated with got a RN job at Children's without being enrolled in RN-BSN, but she already worked there as a PCA.
  4. by   windowrn
    I don't think that there are any hard and fast rules. I often read that X hospital only hires grads from Y program or only hires BSNs or ADNs or people who work there, etc. I think that there are a lot of things that you can do as either a BSN or ADN student to increase your chances of getting a job as a new RN

    1 - work part time as a PCA while in school
    2 - take a preceptorship if at all possible for your capstone term
    3 - work hard in your clinicals, talk to the staff, get the names and contact information for the nurse managers and introduce yourselves if at all possible
  5. by   JayCimone
    Did you try joining a staffing company? These people will call you with job openings. They may be for a day maybe a weeks and are always willing to pay a little extra because they really need the help
  6. by   AssociateDegree
    IMHO staffing agency jobs are for experienced RNs, not new grads. Just my 2 cents...
  7. by   RNemma
    I was just offered two new grad positions at Mount Carmel (one at East and one at West). I accepted one and turned down the other, but from what I understood it sounded like both units were still hiring new grads. Search for 'New Grad' on their online application feature and the positions should come up. Good luck!