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im thinking about moving to ohio when i finish nursing school (currently in florida) i have heard that starting nursing salaries are a lot lower up there. most hospitals in this area start at about... Read More

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    No harm in getting more education. I just don't think it is worthy of a higher starting salary as a bedside nurse. Down the road, more $$ and more promotions, sure... but not starting out. Don't get me wrong, I have every intention of doing a RN-BSN or RN-MSN program. Also, with such variance in RN-BSN programs... hard to say who is "worthy" or a higher salary based on education alone. It should all be based on performance.
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    If you look at OSU, the base salary for a nurse is $23/hour [plus they have awesome shift/dif]. However, as a new nurse w/o any work experience [whatever your degree] I'm not sure how easy it is to get a job there without some other foot in the door. I started a job there now, hoping that with "time served" I'll get into their internship program and then get a job there.
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    Oh yeah, and I think Mount Carmel starts RN's off at about $21/$22 an hour.
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    And after you put in some time at OSU, you get tuition discounts and football season tickets :-D
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    As long as you work more than 75%/30 hrs a week you get 10 credit hours at OSU paid for per quarter. They don't pay for books, but they pay 100% of the tuition for the employee. It can start the quarter starting after you're hired.

    Tuition discount for your kids is 50%. Also an immediately [well the next quarter] starting benefit.

    Three years for football tickets [I think]

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