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  1. 0 I tried searching and didn't find a topic on this. But do you guys know anything about Baldwin Wallace University? I saw that they have ABSN program. I found it while searching for schools that don't require chemistry. Is it accredited? I've never even heard of it.
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    It is brand new. The class that starts this fall is the first class ever. It is conditionally approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing. It isn't listed online as being accredited by either the CCNE or NLNAC, but that doesn't mean that it isn't or isn't at the very least working on it. That sort of stuff just doesn't happen overnight.

    One of my former clinical instructors is now one of the full time faculty there.
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    Thanks for the info. So to go there would be a really big ricks huh?
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    I can't really say. BW is a pretty reputable college. I'd imagine they'll eventually get accredited. Like I said that sort of stuff just doesn't happen overnight.

    It probably would be worth your time if you are interested in BW's program to attend one of the two information sessions they are having.

    Baldwin Wallace University Admission

    Baldwin Wallace University New Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Baldwin Wallace
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    No, it would not be a big risk. Accreditation is a multi-year process and a new program could not be accredited yet. The fact that they are approved by the OBN is fine. Also, as someone who knows all of the faculty at BWU, I can assure you that you will be receiving the highest quality education. Not a slacker in the bunch!
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    Thanks for the info guys! I am so new to all of this!
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    Anyone apply for this program and waiting to hear back? Are you worried about the accreditation?
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    I'm also interested in this program and would appreciate any feedback.

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