Is 12.50/hr an average LPN wage for this area? - page 2

I am in SE Ohio, was offered a job in SNF for 12.50/hr. Is this an average for this area?... Read More

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    I was making 20.00 in Westlake. 12.00 is stna wages

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    I didn't know that it dropped so far the further you went out East. I know that the average LPN wages tend to drop about a dollar in each county from Hamilton to Clermont, and Brown to Adams counties. I didn't know that it kept going down as you went out towards Athens though. Have you checked around to see if this is comparable to other wages in the immediate area for you?
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    I as a new grad got offered $16hr. Anything less is super low! Think of how hard you worked to become a nurse!
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    Quote from CaringLPN
    I live in Dayton and I make 17.74 an hour. That's for part-time too! I think that's good. I have been at my job for 2.5 years and started at 16. I think that is really low! Course when I worked as a medical assistant I was paid less than $12.50
    Hello caringlpn , I also live in Dayton ! Do you know of any places That are hiring LPN's at the moment ?
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    In Springfield (just outside of Dayton), I made $10.35 as a STNA and $14.00 as an LPN at the hospital. I also work part time at a nursing home in Springfield and make $17.50 with $2.00 shift dif. This is straight out of school.
    We definitely make more in the nursing homes... but regardless of where you are talking about $12.00 is low! I wouldn't accept anything as a LPN under $14.00 and I don't think that's being greedy... after all, most nurses have loans and other bills to pay for!
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    Average in Columbus area for starting LPNs: 19.00 /hour.

    12.50 sounds really low, even for SNF in SE Ohio.
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    Dear lord I would never work SNF for that prices. I am in a clinic now but my last skilled job one year ago paid me $19.50/hour
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    These nursing homes are taking advantage of desperate nurses. I just got a job offer for $17 for a RN position at a LTC facility when I get my license. I would start at $14 as a LPN until I pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Not as bad as $12.50, but still pretty low. I really want to work in a hospital but I don't want to turn down a job. Plus I feel like I'm contributing to the problem by accepting such a low wage.
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    I just can't believe they even have the nerve to offer you $17! I mean $19.50 felt like it was not enough for all the hard work I put into my LTC position, 14 hour shift without a break, 40 patients, etc. what part of the country is this?
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    Quote from LPN/RNVerySoon
    Hello caringlpn , I also live in Dayton ! Do you know of any places That are hiring LPN's at the moment ?
    Hello there. Sorry this a late reply. You could try Academy Home Health in Kettering. I am going to start work there along with my LTC job. I am not sure what the pay is, they are having me do the paperwork today.

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