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Pre-Employment Physical

  1. 1 I have a friend who is concerned about a pre-employment physical. Does she have to tell them she has cardiomyopathy? What about medications? Do you need to give the complete list? How would a diagnosis like this effect chances of employment? I don't encourage lying but she needs the job and is physical capable of the assignment.
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    As an OHN I can say never lie on a physical. For one thing if they do naot have her correct (and complete) medical history including current medications she could die. I have had 2 employees that left things off their histories and only when they fell out at work tried to give the correct information as the ambulance arrived. Another reason is where I work if you lie on any preemployment paperwork you can be terminated immediately. This comes out when someone has a workman's comp injury and it turns out there was a preexisting condition. That said I know it is scary to try and get a job with health issues these days. I think it is best to be upfront. Hope this helps.
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    What kinds of conditions/diseases/handicaps could cause employment rejection or even rejection from entering a nursing program?
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    As an OHN, i will advice it's beta to state all your health conditions during the pre-employment assessment. U know issues like this can lead to litigation. So it's better and safer to disclose any relevant health information which the employer must not used against the prospective employee
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    Most hospitals hire as "at will" which means they do not need an excuse to let you go....don't make this which withholding information as an excuse to let you go.
    Most forms say " This information being provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge...blah, blah", and then your signature. You withholding info would be the icing on cake to terminate you.
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    I would reccomend against telling your new employerall your details
    after all they are an employer and are going to do what is best for them first,for example about workers comp claims etc as in australia there is no way that they can find out and it is also a way that they can discriminate against you,unless former employer tells your new employer
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    Quote from barbyann
    I have a friend who is concerned about a pre-employment physical. Does she have to tell them she has cardiomyopathy? What about medications? Do you need to give the complete list? How would a diagnosis like this effect chances of employment? I don't encourage lying but she needs the job and is physical capable of the assignment.
    Its hard to know how to answer this,I would be in two minds about telling new employer about your heart condition as they may choose not to give you the job because of it,you would never know that was the reason why you didnt get the job they may tell you someone more experienced applied
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    Yes it does really suck big time when your wanting to be employed & your probably the best ever...not to mention through and dependable...etc... I am having the same problem.. I really want to work @ a local hospital and have physical wednesday & yes i was offered a relief position but they do not know about my disabioity.
    ..however i am prepared for whatever happens.. I may sound strong outside but inside i hurt...more than i caqn explain.... i was in car accident 1973 & since became a RDA, CNA & HHA. But due to arthritis, from accident i have had both hips replaced! I am 54.
    :heartbeat It seems no one is wanting the liability.. I've been doing home care privately & lTELY IT'S HARD TO FIND WORK. I am about to loose it..
    So, keep chin up & sence of humor.. thinking of looking to being retrained as it's obvioul nursing/dental is not gonna work ! LOL
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    I agree with the other posters that is it wise to disclose anything that may preclude you from performing the essential duties of your job. Pre-placement physicals are now called post-offer physicals because of ADA guidelines.(Americans with Disabilities Amendment). An employer has the right not to hire a candidate if they cannot perform the essential functions of the job however, are by law, responsible to provide accommodation if there is a disability that does not interfere with the essential duties of the job and if it does not place an undue hardship on the company. ADA law just changed again Jan 1, 2009 now making the definition of "disability" broader, and placing more responsibility on employers to accommodate their employees. If they fail to do this they are in violation and can be penalized big time!

    Check out this website to get a better idea of ADA guidelines and accommodations on JAN's website (Job Accommodation Network).

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Be sure to read how Sears Roebuck & Co just was penalized for $6.2 million dollars for failing to uphold ADA guidelines (October 6,2009, the largest penalty in ADA history!)
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    You do NOT have to answer those questions or list your medications. If you can do the job then all is good. There is a probationary period in that you may be terminated for unsatisfactory job performance. If you have a disability you may be discriminated against if you are honest about your health. It is private information and none of their business. Why do they ask such questions? for employment? NO they may possibly discriminate against you for being honest. As far as a liability...WHAT? I have a disability and wear a medic-alert tag. BUT I don't wear it during and interview!!
    Many forms of discrimination take place when applying for a job...You DO NOT need to disclose and should not be made to feel that way. You can't get fired for being disabled just because you didnt tell them. Contact the EEOC on that one!
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    Agree with Mike above! They don't need to know EVERYTHING! Check out this link-- What questions a prospective employer may and may not ask during an interview regarding disabilities:
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    If you do not disclose use of prescribed medications whose metabolites are included on the drug screen which is inevitably part of the PE, you will not be employed by that company.
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    my physical was changed to this tuesday and what is the physical re lifting entail?