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Hello, I'm brand new to Occupational Health Nursing. I've been browsing for On-line resources and other OHN's to network with. It doesn't seem like there are very many OHN's that visit these boards. If you're out there, let me... Read More

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    Sorry, UAB is University of Alabama at Birmingham. Their Occ health service is
    "The Deep South Center of Occupational Health and Safety"
    Web site is .

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    Sharon, Thanks.
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    Yes, thank you Sharon.
    And, thank you Crash for clearing up UAB.
    I look forward to Sharon's list of web sites.
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    Hi everyone. I am the sole OHN at my plant. We do aluminum extrusion. I too, have felt isolated from the knowledge that we, as nurses, tend to exchange with each other every time we work. Duke University has a great Occ Med Chat board. I seldon chat, but they have very interesting threads about just about any question or topic you can imagine, related to Occ Med. There are MD's, RN's, Industrial Hygiene and Safety folks, etc. Give it a try, and good luck! It is good to know that there are other folks looking for the same thing. If you find other informative sites, please pass them along.
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    Hello, WayneRN and other nurses out there in the Occupational Health Field.

    I have been an Occupational Health Nurse for about 15 years; in fact, I have never worked in a Hospital, ER or any other field except for clinicals in Nursing School in 1989.

    I have been very satisfied with this type of nursing, and even after so long and a couple of "burnout" years, I still find it rewarding. Diversity and learning never stop. With the combination of OSHA, DOL and Workers' Compensation issues coupled with balancing employee, management and supervisors, you never get bored. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for company growth, and promotions.

    Any questions?
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    Hi Wayne,

    I am also in Occ Health Nursing... Been doing this since '98 and hope to keep it going until I retire (about 25 more years)... I had a background in industry before I went to nursing school, having done Safety and Environmental work before.... So this was a natural fit for me.

    I work for one company, but have a regional area in which I service 11 facilities and about 1200 employees. Alot of my job is not in the facilities, but more managing contract providers for them. My company utilizes alot of mobile testing units, and then I get to follow up with employees to review test results. Also, while I am in the facilities, I do "audits" of the major programs (Resp. Prot., Hearing Cons., BBP, etc.) to make sure they are in compliance with OSHA standards.
    If you are not a member of AAOHN, check out the site, and see if you can convince your employer to send you to the national conference... Lots of great educational opportunities...

    Good luck!
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    welcome to the boards. I am not a really active poster, but a frequent lurker. When you were listing major OH programs, you mentioned BBP. What is that?

    Yes, AAOHN is a great resource for me. I love their new web-site!

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    BBP=Bloodborne pathogens
    Glad to have you all around! Maybe we can get something going on this area of the board!
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    I worked in Occupational Health a few years ago, when I lived in Maine. When I came back to Massachusetts, I worked long term care for a few years, but started a new job a month ago, as the Employee Health Nurse at a rehab hospital (we have 13 satellite facilities I'm responsible for as well). It's a great job, and I love this area of nursing. I'm hoping to be here for quite some time. I'm working this position full time while the current EHN is on leave, and we will be job sharing once she returns, with me being the primary EHN.

    I'd love to hear all about the industries you all are working in.
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    I work as an on-site OHN at a coal-fired generating station.

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