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Who does the cord blood gases

  1. 0 Who does the cord blood gases at your hospital? At my last job we clamped the cord and sent a piece down to the lab for cord blood gases. At my current hospital the nurse is expected to do it. I, as well as everyone in my department, am trying to get this hospital on board for the lab doing the cord blood. I work in a small rural hospital and we only have three nurses on at all times, three delivery rooms, four mom and baby rooms, and two triage (which we often deliver in when we are busy) when I have a bad baby I just do not have the time to draw cord blood gases...oh sure "Ok, I am going to stop bagging the baby so I can draw the cord blood now..." not! I got the protocol from my last job and we are trying to get the lab to get on board, but if you knew how our lab operated you would be expecting them to say "no way" just like I am. What does your hospital do?
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    In my hospital, an RN draws it up in the infant recovery room and sends it to the lab. They are usually well-staffed for deliveries though.
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    In our rural hospital, the physician draws the cord gas when getting the cord blood during vaginal deliveries, we just have to put the blood in the lab tube. In C/S the OR circulating nurse draws the cord gases (The OB nurses receive the baby & our OR staff circulate the C/S).
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    Quote from decembergrad2011
    In my hospital, an RN draws it up in the infant recovery room and sends it to the lab. They are usually well-staffed for deliveries though.
    This, exactly.
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    The ob techs at my hospital usually draw the cord blood / gases if indicated (only a couple of docs draw gases routinely). But if we don't have a tech the RN will. If baby needs resusc we have called NICU in and they come running. If there is something else going on I would call for extra hands. But, we are a big hospital and usually have enough staff for these things, so I'm lucky. I would think resusc would come way before drawing gases in terms of priority!
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    The RN's always drew cord blood where I worked.
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    OB techs (LNAs) or the RN draws it.
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    at my former job, the RN or RT would draw them. At the new job the RN, NNP or one of the MD's does her own. No way would lab even consider it. The blood is good in the cord for 20 minutes which gives you a bit of time.
    My new job is like yours, 3 RN's is optimal staff - 2 that do L/D the other can be a MB nurse.