Where do your postpartum Mag patients go? - page 2

To be more specific, these are patients that have been discharged after delivery and then show back up a few days later with postpartum pre-eclampsia in the ED. Our protocol is that they are suppose to go to Neuro ICU, if they... Read More

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    Wow, we get those admits directly to postpartum... we also care for postpartum mag patients; not after mag has completed but usually right after it has begun. We've bolused ER admits with PP pre-eclampsia on postpartum. It's all us on postpartum.

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    I have previously worked in a larger facility and we had 2-3 PP mag patient's in our 6 patient assignment on PPU... VERY, VERY SCARY... did not feel safe caring for so many high acuity patients at one time. So found another job...

    Love being a mother-baby nurse and really enjoy the family centered environment and being a part of educating new mom's and dad's about caring for their newborn... Such a fun job to be a mother-baby nurse. Obtained my Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification; which was well worth it. Now RNC-MNN.

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