What do you think of RN Residency Program?

  1. I could use some input.
    I just got a call back from a hospital across the border, so it is about 45-60 minute drive. They offer an RN residency program and one department included is OB. I talked to the director and he felt like I have a good shot being that I have taken extra classes on my own, such as Fetal Heart Monitoring and High Risk OB, etc to further educate myself.

    The next application cycle is April/May for starting the end of June.

    So what do I do now? I was offered 2 other jobs on Medical floors at 2 different hospitals. They are much closer but I really have OB in my heart. I dont feel right about taking a job at either of the other hospitals and having them orient me for 6-8 weeks if I am going to apply in 5 mths. What if I get it...I would take it for sure. But at the same time...what if I dont make it? If I turn down the current jobs and am honest about why I am doing so, bc of the RN Residency (I have been very upfront with HR at both hospitals that my goal is OB)...and then I dont make it...then I have wasted another 5 months with not working.

    Will they consider me for another position at that point??? Will there be any positions open at that point???

    I am soo confused I could cry.

    I dont want to burn any bridges either by taking and then leaving....or by not taking and then wanting it later.

    I would be required to work for 2 yrs at this hospital after the residency program, so 2.5 years of making the drive. In all reality after 2 yrs I would like to get closer to home so I dont want to burn bridges.

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    Also...any other recommendations on classes to take to make my chances better at getting the spot?
    I have attended a High Risk OB Conference by PESI, taken Fetal Heart Monitoring online class by AWHONN, Sterile Intrapartum Sterile Speculum Examination by OBGYN.net, and plan on taking my NRP Certification and looking also at Forget-Me-Not Perinatal Bereavement class.

    I really want this position and need to be sure I do everything I can to improve my chances....there is only 1 spot available.
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    I would take the residency program slot if offered. Follow your muse and happiness follows. OB is what you really want to do.

    A 45 minute commute is doable. (I have a 70 minute commute.) You may find that the commute becomes a part of your day that you enjoy.
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    Just curious, this sounds like my story. What state is the RN program in?
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    Just interesting. I'm in a nearly identical situation in New England area. I'm in the RN Residency program and hoping to end up in Maternity, but again no guarantee. Out of 8 of us, 3 want maternity, so the competition is tough. I have an hour commute. It's just not what I had envisioned throughout nursing school. Let us know what you decide to do.
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    if you already have a place in the RN Residency program, then go for it!! Give it your all and try your best for the OB slot. If you DONT have a place in that program, if you are going to have to apply for it and there is ANY chance that you will not get it then my advice is simple; take the job you already have offered. There are tough times and if you have 2 med/surg offers, then do it!!
    Another reason I would lean to take the med/surg offer now is that I have seem many nursing jobs eliminated. What if you wait until June and the program gets cut to save money from the hospital. Just food for thought.
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    No I do not have a place yet. They take applications in April/May for start date of June. The director spoke with the nurse manager in L/D and was told she would have 1 spot open ,,,, maybe 2 but at least 1. There are other areas that participate such as ER, OR, ICU, and then OB. You apply, interview, and then are selected to your listed department. You can put 2 down. If not then just 1. If you put 1, say OB, and you dont get picked for that 1 then you are done. If you put an alternate then you may get the alternate.

    I asked how many people usually apply for OB. He said it varies year to year. Last year there were 2 applicants for OB and only 1 slot. Not bad odds. But he said he has had 15 applicants for 1 slot.

    You have to be a new grad with less than 4 months working experience as a nurse. So it is a one time try for me after which I cant wait for the next round. They do it twice a year.

    youknowho: Are you saying take another job and still try for the OB slot or pass on the residency program all together?

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    Quote from short1978

    youknowho: Are you saying take another job and still try for the OB slot or pass on the residency program all together?

    My 2 cents would be to take another job now. You have a job offer NOW instead of maybe a job offer later. Even if you get that later job offer it might still be in a different unit than the one you want. Good luck with your decision, I know its not an easy one.