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What are "maternity suites"

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    I am a new graduate nurse applying to a new grad job listed as "maternity suites". In this particular hospital they also have jobs (not new grad) listed as "labor and delivery unit". Could someone clue me in to the differences so I don't say something stupid in my cover letter?
    Thanks for any help!
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    I think they might be referring to the post-partum floor.
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    Maternity suites usually refer to labor, delivery, postpartum, and recovery all in one room (assuming it's an uncomplicated labor, of course). However, where I worked, there was a labor and delivery staff who took care of the patient until about 2 hours after delivery, and then there's a postpartum/mother-baby staff who takes care of the mom/baby until discharge. Maybe that's what it's about. Hope that helps a bit....
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    Ok, that sounds about right. Thanks for the input.
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    Most hospitals use Maternity Suite as a fancy way of saying postpartum rooms. It makes it sounds more luxurious for the patients delivering there.
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    It's an area thats usually locked down and includes L&D, special care (gestational diabetes, PIH, etc) and then the Mother/Baby rooms. Some hospitals have the LDRR, in which you stay in the same room you deliver in the whole time.