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Okay, it's a gripe and I'm whiny, but here goes. We are now live with Watchchild: all of it, not just the admission part. And I didn't like it before and I really don't like it now. I had a delivery last night so had... Read More

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    The programs are not user friendly. Hard to remember all the prompts, but shouldn't a computer be programed to accept the entire word, e.g. wheelchair or the common abreviation of w/c instead of ONLY accepting w ?? Sooooooooo frustrating to try to please the computer. Nurses are never consulted in a remodeling project either. Wouldn't you LOVE to hear someone ask, "What would make patient care easier for you to accomplish?" I have never heard it in 34 years of nursing and doubt I ever will. So many changes, I have ridden the waves for so many years. Just starting to look forward to not having to do it any longer, but don't see too many younger nurses clamoring for my job. They come, they go, they leave nursing and I can't blame them.

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    I'm sorry its not working out well

    We have QS and i love it. It's really neat. I've used Meditech before, in nursing school (though for med/surg, not for OB) and it sucked.
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    We use the QS system and I think most everybody is used to it and likes it ok. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could just "speak" and record all the info. "Vital signs-temp 98.0, hr-78, rr-18, fht's 146 with good BTB var". Of course, all the work would be in "editing" if the mike was left on. LOL! "Dr. Johnson is such a twit" etc, would not be good in a courtroom proceeding (even if true!!).

    We also use Meditech, Logicare and Formfast. The big problem here is we have to chart on paper for the peds to "see" the vitals and feedings and then put them in the system as well. I hate double charting!

    Merry Christmas!
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    Having used meditech, Watchchild and Qs and then going for a wk to Louisiana and doing paper, I really, really like Qs. I am not a young nurse, and have been doing L and D for aover 30 yrs, but oh, my... Computer charting does take some getting use to but it is sooooo easy to adapt to your style of charting. I was always a event person, and then fill in the blanks and this works great for me. We do not chart in meditech at all except order entry at this time. Now..ask me about E-mar... esp during a crash and burn!!! Yuck!!!
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    emar is simply one of the most dangerous programs in nursing today.
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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    emar is simply one of the most dangerous programs in nursing today.
    :yeahthat: Amen! to that.

    We are still troubleshooting it. I miss the paper MAR so much. EMAR is ok IF everyone does their part when the are supposed to. If not, it's a med error waiting to happen.

    We use QS in our birthing unit. I like it. When L&D keeps it updated and gets the info entered in a timely fasion, it is efficient. From our screen in the nursery(ies), we can watch the labor 'board' and look up needed info. We can also look up info on a newborn before the delivery nurse returns, and start making the chart before the baby ever gets to nsy.

    Of course, leaving the patient listed as 2cm all night, when she's now at 9 is not helpful. And they wonder why we never came and set up the warmer...
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    It's not always going to be sodifficult. After a while it gets easier and before you know it you are 'fussing' at the computer to 'hurry'. It makes the most logical sense and is the most user friendly computer program out there. (My opinion) Have patience. Things will get better. When we started the WC process several years ago, I was one of the most vocal opposers. Couldn't even think of giving up my paper strip and doing everything on computer. Now I can't think of going back. It will get better. Hang in there
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    Watchchild is a computerized charting system for L and D,NBN, and Antepartum units. I have worked with both TraceVue and Watchchild and prefer WC far and above any other system. All system swill have some learning curves and users will think that they are insurmountable, esp. those of us who were not raised in the 'puter world. Having used WC for several years now it is by far the best. Computer charting does not take away from pt care and pt contact ulesss you let it. I know of nurses who will actually push with their pt while charting on the computer. how awful is that, But if nurses are comfortable with WC and know the system they are able to perform pt care, push with their pt, and everything else required to care for the laboring pt. And at the end of the day a quick print click and all of your notes and annotations to the strip are typed out and compiled in one step. Sure eliminates the end of shift charting with a mile long strip where you go back and try to recreate a whole 12 hr shift. It's all in what you get used to. I have been to both worlds and much prefer the WC one.

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