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Yesterday I had an appointment at a sliding scale clinic. I had my yearly pelvic exam/Pap smear. The doctor asked me questions before she got started, one of them being if I was bisexual.:eek: ... Read More

  1. by   caregiver1977
    Quote from Kooky Korky
    The reason the doctor's office asks about the gun is the same reason the schools want to know if you're being abused or if anyone is abusing anyone. It's to do some sort of research and then attempt to socialize you into a certain way of thinking, based on your answers. Schools are no longer just for schooling - they're for socializing children to be a certain way, believe certain things. Same with doc's offices. Push those vaccines, report to Big Brother if anything is amiss at home.
    This can be good and bad.
  2. by   Skayda
    I once had an ER doctor ask me if I ever engaged in anal sex. I told him the truth; of course not! And he replied; "I didn't think so. You don't look the type." Needless to say my eyes were like this: O_O.

    Oh, and I was there for kidney stones!
    Nothing at all to with my butt!

    No one has ever asked me about my sexual orientation though. When I 'came out' to my long-term boyfriend a few years back as being bisexual, though, he just shrugged and said "Yeah? And...?" It was something he had already known about me but was just waiting for me to acknowledge it for myself and now he is nothing but supportive. As long as I remember I'm in a committed relationship of course!
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from elvish
    yeah, i agree, it sounds like an inappropriately worded question. someone could be gay but only having sex with their spouse. now, i used to work in a community health center with a np who was the go-to person for stis. she asked her patients: "do you have sex? anal, oral, or vaginal, and is it with men, women, or both?" she used to do anal pap smears as well if someone said they had anal sex.
    that sounds like an appropriately worded question -- it covers all her bases and she can direct her care and her education toward the areas needed.