Vag Exams on Preterm Patients?? - page 3

Ok, so just started a new job and on my Second day of work was asked to go do a vag exam and FFN on a preterm patient to determine if she would be admitted SROMed or go home. When I said that it wasn't in my nursing scope of... Read More

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    I have always done a VE but not on every preterm pt. Do the FFN first, & depending in what's going on do the VE IF appropriate. That's your job, right? To assess? If in doubt, call the provider & ask. I've had more than one preterm labor come in & near/at complete! Sometimes you just need to know now.

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    Yep my job is to assess. I am just trying to clarify if its within my RN license. I have always worked with residents, who were the ones doing the preterm exams.
    My fear is to accidentally rupture a pretermer .. and have her deliver .. and the baby have issues and the mother coming back with "Well that Nurse broke my water. If she hadnt dug around in me I wouldnt of had my baby early."

    So not being difficult. Just wanting to not do anything I'm not licensed to do..

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