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was never properly taught how to do the sterile prep of abdomen while patient is on the table for c section. it is not always done, only if the doctor requests a scrub before the paint prep which... Read More

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    Is there a specific link into the AORN website to read what the current standard is for prepping an abdomen for c/s?

    I am a relatively new RN (a little over a year) and I frequently circulate sections. Our prep consists of a betadine scrub solution (starting where a low transverse incision would fall, then circular strokes up and around the abdomen up above the level of the umbilicus, then down both thighs and through the middle to the perineum), applied by the circulator with sponges then blotted w/ a sterile towel (included in kit), then paint with another betadine solution then blotted off again. In a stat situation (like I had today, as a matter of fact) we pour on the scrub, scrub briefly w/ one sponge, blot, pour on paint, blot then let the doc go for it.

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    I have another question that goes along with this topic. Can anyone tell me if there is any literature that either supports or not the practice of doing vaginal preps with betadine before a c-section? It has become a bit of a discussion where I am now.

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