RN That Seriously Wants to be a L&D/OB Nurse

  1. Hi All, I am a new RN who really wants to become a L&D nurse, eventually a NP for Women's care. I am having a problem with getting a hospital job let alone into L&D. Are there any suggestions how I go about doing this? I will do whatever it takes. I am currently working for a home health agency that was so gracious to take a new RN and I have been working with them since Feb 2010. Please, Please, Please give me your thoughts

    Signed a really stressed RN that really wants to work, but can't ugh

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  3. by   twinkletoes53
    Would you consider taking a hospital job if offered one, even if the floor you start on is not in L&D/OB?
    It is much easier to transfer from one department to another within a hospital, than it is to apply for a job and specifically mention that you want to work in a particular department.
    Also try to keep track of a few hospitals' "Open Nursing positions" on their recruitment pages.
    Good luck. I loved my OB-GYN rotation!
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  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    For now, try to get a job any way you can. THEN network, network, network, letting everyone you know of your desire to work in OB. Anytime a position opens up, apply and follow up . Networking for me, was what did the trick. I had a job in OB before I graduated because I told EVERYONE I wanted to work there, including the nurses in the unit where I did clinicals.

    I wish you the best. Do NOT give up and let us know how it goes.
  5. by   Vanesia
    I start my ADN program next month and I too want to work in L&D because I plan to get my masters in Midwifery. I am going to take SmilingBlueEyes advice about networking, networking, networking. Whenever I do my clinicals I plan to express my desire of working with L&D. Hopefully I will have a job lined up with L&D before I graduate! I wish you luck! It will be very beneficial to your future studies to have experienc in L&D.
  6. by   LoveANurse09
    I agree with trying to get into the hospital first, no matter what area.Just be careful about who your telling your dream too. I graduated last May which was pretty much a job crisis for new grads. I almost didn't get my job because my boss knew I wanted L&D, but shortly after graduation I just needed any job. When I couldn't find any positions in L&D I tried to take what I could and was labeled as the one who is going to jump at first chance.
    Job postings go to internal employees first and I'm betting L&D rarely gets to outside applicants. That's what I'm finding in my experience. Good Luck!
  7. by   cutegrltoyaRN
    Thanks for all of the advice guys. I would definately take any hospital job right now! I guess it just isn't my turn yet, hopefully I get a turn soon though. I need the experience as I mentioned I am working for home health and hospitals don't really recognize that has experience so we will see. Thanks again