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Precepting in L&D

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    I have recently decided that my goal is to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. We are weeks away from submitting our preference for for our preceptorship. My professors have said that they don't usually like to put people in L&D because the narrow range of patients won't prepare us adequately for NCLEX. Is there another area with a broader patient range that could prepare me for NCLEX and becoming a L&D nurse at the same time? I am also interested in NICU and thought that may be a good place to get experience in a similar field. If you are an L&D nurse, where did you precept? I would love to hear any input you may have!
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    I've been in L&D since I was a new grad. My preceptorship was in med-surg (my school only places students for preceptorship in med-surg departments). I did work as a nurse extern in an LDRP department before I graduated, and that probably helped me land my job in L&D. Mother/baby might be a better area for preceptorship because you have more of a patient load and will use more skills you've learned in school and hone your time management skills.
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    I didn't get a preceptorship at all and I passed NCLEX on the first attempt with the minimum of 85 questions. If L&D is where you want to precept, go for it.
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    I do not believe that a Preceptorship prepares you for NCLEX at all. It gives you a taste of real world nursing after getting licensed. Studying and doing numerous NCLEX questions prepares you for NCLEX.

    Apply for what you want! :-)
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    Thanks for responding! I found out earlier today that people only get placed in L&D if they have good grades, because apparently that shows you are more likely to pass NCLEX. I will probably meet with my professor to even see if it is an option for me. If not, I'm thinking NICU.
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    I did my practicum in postpartum because I was told that L&D would not prepare me for NCLEX. I had to fight for postpartum as well. I passed the NCLEX on the first try with 89 questions. I hope you can get in L&D or NICU. Good luck.