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Do you have any turn offs when interviewing or having a potential hire shadow on the floor? Mine is when I hear "I can't wait to hold the babies". Or when going into the nursery, the new grad... Read More

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    Quote from LoveANurse09
    What did they think a midwife does? If your pt's are delivering healthy babies through safe labor, why do you need to intervene? Sorry....whole 'nother thread...
    Because of the very unfortunate practice environment in the major southern city where I live. I was able to practice real midwifery where I came from but unfortunately since moving here it is difficult. "Why not just break her bag so we can get her delivered?" "Why haven't you started pit?" "Just induce her,there's no point in being pregnant after 39 weeks" and so on...

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    Oh yes, its like that in the North where I work. So that 12 hr limit thing is really what its all about?

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