Postpartum Spanish Terms (Need Assistance please)

  1. Hi there,

    Any PP nurses who know medical spanish or who are spanish-speaking, would you be able to help me out here? Or direct me to somewhere on the web...

    Just started out in a PP unit and I'd like to be able to get some better Spanish skills on board. Thanks.

    For example, how would you say (in simple yet understandable terms) things like:

    -are you breastfeeding or formula feeding?
    -have you breastfed the baby recently (within the last two hours)?
    -any dirty diapers? stool or urine?
    -anything else you might want to throw in

    -have you urinated? Have you had a bowel movement?
    -please call me when you want to go to the BR so I can assist you.
    -I'm going to palpate your uterus.
    -I'm massaging your uterus.
    -have you had more bleeding?
    -what is your pain scale 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain?

    Just wanted some input. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Here's what I say...

    -are you breastfeeding or formula feeding?
    Le da pecho o botella?
    -have you breastfed the baby recently (within the last two hours)?
    Amamanto el bebe en las ultimas dos horas?
    -any dirty diapers? stool or urine?
    panales (pampers) sucios? de poo poo (evacuacion) o orina?

    -anything else you might want to throw in

    -Are you hungry? Tiene hambre?
    -Are you thirsty? Tiene sed?
    -Do you want water or juice? Quiere agua o jugo?
    -Are you hot/cold? Tiene calor/frio?
    -Do you need help? Necesita ayuda?
    -Please let me know if you have to use more than a pad per hour.
    Por favor digame si usa mas de una toalla en una hora.
    -Can I listen to your heart/ lungs?
    Puedo escuchar el corazon/ los pulmones?
    -I am going to take some blood from your baby's foot to check the blood sugar.
    Le voy a sacar sangre del pie al bebe para determinar el azucar de la sangre.

    -have you urinated? Have you had a bowel movement?
    Orino? Hizo poo poo? (someone can tell me if they know a better phrase... I was told ca ca was more equivalent to 'sh*t' so I don't use it)
    -please call me when you want to go to the BR so I can assist you.
    Llamame por favor si quiere ir al bano asi que puedo ayudarte.
    -I'm going to palpate your uterus. Please lie down.
    Voy a chequar su utero (usually I just say estomago (stomach)... I don't think some of my patients really know or use the word uterus) or Necesito examinarle el utero. Por favor acuestese.
    -I need to massage your uterus.
    Necesito darle un masaje en la region del utero (estomago).
    -have you had more bleeding?
    Ha tenido mas sangre?
    -what is your pain scale 0-10 with 10 being the worst pain?
    Como es su dolor entre cero y diez si cero es nada de dolor y diez es lo peor dolor que pueda imaginar?
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  4. by   mitchsmom
    here are some more terms:

    allergy - alergia
    at least - por lo menos
    each day - cada dia
    enough - suficiente
    grandmother/father - abuela/o
    how long - cuanto tiempo
    how many times - cuantas veces
    how many - cuantos
    how much - cuanto
    husband - esposo
    it's important - es importante
    it's necessary - es necesario
    mecication - medicina
    mother in law - suegra
    nurse - enfermera
    nino - boy
    nina -girl
    hermanos/-as - brothers/sisters
    usually - usualmente
    you're welcome - de nada
    baby blues - tristeza posparto
    burp your baby - eructe su bebe
    crying - llanto
    jaundice - ictericia
    newborn - recien nacido
    pacifier - chupete, chopon
    sleep - dormir
    spit up - regurgita
    stool - evacuacion
    toddler - bebe mayorcito
    twins - gemelos
    weigh your baby - pesar el bebe
    weight gain - aumento de peso
    wet diapers - panales (pampers) mojados
    breast - pecho, seno
    breastmilk - leche materna
    colostrum (first milk) - calostro (la primera leche)
    good latch-on - bien prendido, buen agarre
    lactation consultant - consultora en lactancia
    latch on (to)- agarrar
    leaking - se sale la leche
    letdown - reflejo de eyeccion de la leche
    meconium - meconio, popo negro y espeso
    milk expression - extraccion de la leche
    nipple - pezon
    pump breasts - succionar los pechos
    rooting - senales de busqueda
    sore nipples - pezones adoloridos
    swallow(s) - trago(s)
    5-6 (wet diapers per day)- cinco a seis panales mojados cada dia
    breast pump - sacaleches
    football hold - posicion lateral debajo del brazo (sandia)
    repositioning the baby - reposicionar mejor el bebe al pecho
    skin to skin - tener el bebe con solo el panal en contra de su piel; de piel a piel
    supplemental feeding - alimentacion suplementaria

    how may I help you? como puedo ayudarla?
    In a day, how many times do you breastfeed? En un dia, cuantas veces le da pecho a su bebe?
    Breastfeed at least 8 times each day. Dele pecho po lo menos ocho veces al dia.
    If you think you need to give your baby formula, call a lactation consultant first. Si piensa que necesita darle formula a su bebe, primero llame una consejera de lactancia.
  5. by   first_lobster
    Here is all of the spanish that I know:

    1. tu tienes une cabeza de caso. (you have a head of cheese)
    2. Une mas cervesa/tequila por favor. (one more beer/tequilla, please)
    3. Donde esta el bano? (where is the bathroom?)
    4. el burro sabe mas que tu (a jack*ss knows more than you).

    hope this helps.:spin:
  6. by   Myxel67
    #4 is how we learned Spanish vowels: a - e - i - o - u el burro sabe mas que tu. But we were 12 so it was a donkey./
  7. by   azzurra29
    Wow, I really appreciate all the helpful posts (including the humorous ones). Thanks everyone. I've got my work cut out for me .
  8. by   HeatherB,CST
    All the Spanish I know I learned from Sesame Street.

    "Abierto y cerrado" (Grover OPENed and CLOSEd a door)

    Oh, and a friend of mine of Mexican descent used to call me "Basura Blanca" as a nickname...I thought it was kind of pretty, and I didn't know what it meant. Turns out it's something like "white trash"

    Very funny, Ruby. :trout:
  9. by   imenid37
    I know some spanish words here and there. Thanks for all of the phrases "mitch's mom"! That's great. I did take medical Spanish a few years back, but at the time, we did not have as many Spanish speakers as we do now. My instructor gave me a really nice handout with lots of baby things on it. It was a picture of a nursery w/ labels. Hmm I think I will use the little peumonic for vowels on a certain physician I work w/!!!
  10. by   ElvishDNP
    You can also use the phrases "hacer del bao" (go to the bathroom -- it's understood that you mean stool) or "numero dos" (#2) to ask about bowel movements. "Popo" is ok for babies but sometimes I've had adults get offended when I use that referring to them...kind of a childish term I guess.
  11. by   winwinsituation
    Thanks so much for the helpful Spanish phrases. It's been ten years since my Spanish classes, I'm a little rusty.
  12. by   MamaMadge
    Muy excelente! You guys have a great list here. I want to repeat the phrase ArwenU used for going to the bathroom. It is perfectly ok to ask if someone went #2 (Ha podido hacer del bano del numero 2?).....but we have to be sensitive about a patient's educational level. Many spanish speaking patients speak a local dialect and don't know technical medical terminology.

    The word I use for uterus is "matriz" instead of "utero." Once again, it is regional dialect and utero is the technically correct term.
  13. by   ElvishDNP
    I usually use matriz for uterus too....I think matriz literally means womb so it's not incorrect. It's just what most people understand, like you said.
  14. by   azzurra29
    I can't remember if I said thank you already but all the spanish phrases thrown in by everyone have been very helpful. Muchas gracias!