OB Electronic Charting Systems

  1. I'd love to hear which systems you love, which you hate, and why?

    Also, does anyone use an OB charting system that interfaces with Meditech throughout the rest of the hospital?
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  3. by   klone
    I've used both Obix and Epic. I like them both all right. I don't think there will be any method of charting that I "love". I hate charting. Sometimes I wished I was a nurse a hundred years ago, where I could just spend all my time helping to birth babies, and not tied to a computer or paperwork.
  4. by   mommy2boysaz
    I hear you. I wish the same thing. I was recently watching The Midwives, which is a British TV show that follows midwives (which are similar to OB nurses here) in England. I know it is an edited show, but I don't think they do near the charting there...
  5. by   violet_violet
    I've used Centricity and Cerne before and I really like it. However at my new place we use SXA...anyone uses that as well?
  6. by   somedayCNM
    We use a combination of WatchChild by Hill-Rom and Meditech. A few months ago we made a switch to a more comprehensive form of the Hill-Rom software so we can now do most of our admits and charting in that system (previously we had the strip and papers and meditech to deal with). We still use meditech for a few things, mostly to communicate with lab and pharmacy. Some like it, some hate it. I think the admission pages are clunky and too detailed, but I love that I can do the labor and recovery records in the computer instead of on paper. Over all it's much faster than charting in meditech, but anything would be faster than that dinosaur.