New nurse in Labor and Delivery

  1. So I am a new nurse.. just took and passed my boards and I got hired in Labor and Delivery.

    I wanted to know if anyone has any advice to avoid pit falls or common mistakes.

    Im nervous and need some advice
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  3. by   jollie
    I am a recent new grad 6 months working in L&D and the only advice I can give you is get ready! It is crazy, exciting, scary, and just when you think you have it figured out you realize you don't :-) You will have a great time just prepare yourself and give yourself the time to learn, and above all be patient with yourself and DO NOT be afraid to ask questions no matter how stupid you may think they are. Good luck and enjoy your last days of freedom;-)
  4. by   nurseliane
    Good luck to you! I'm in the same boat, just licensed this month and just got the job offer. I am thrilled, but a little scared :-) Will be haunting this thread for more wisdom.

  5. by   RNVP25
    congrats to you, on the new jobs. I am finishing school and doing my clinical for OB. As a male nurse, it has been an amazing experience so far. I appreciate Maternity a whole lot more after seeing L&D, AP and Clinic testing for NST. A lot of work goes into bringing a new child in the world. Also what I found interesting, at least here in NYC, the nurses rotate from L&D, and to AP and to the NST, or the Maternity floor depending on the day of the week, so you are never bored.
  6. by   criticalRN10
    New grad here graduated in May working in ICU. My best advice is just try your best not to be nervous and remind yourself that everyone starts somewhere! I would never be nervous going to work and that left me able to ask questions and not worry if they were stupid or not. It's just a matter of fact thing- you are NEW and you need guidance. People will understand that and if they don't then talk to whatever resources you have to fix the situation- you deserve a good internship/orientation. Good luck!!
  7. by   GivingLove
    I dont mean to sound immature or gross, but how does working in LD work when there is a woman that is stinky down there or has std's? Id love to bring a baby into the world but I dont know how id handle that stuff.
  8. by   EmilyLucille523
    I'm a new nurse to L&D but not a new grad and I'm scared to death because of all the info that I need to relearn. Especially where I work because it's one of those floors where you float from L&D to post-partum mommies to nursery and pediatrics! So I feel like I'm in school all over again and my orientation feels like clinicals. I don't know how new grads can start on this unit and have to learn to do all this plus the basics of nursing such as general assessments, lab values, organization, prioritizing, supervising CNAs, documentation, and delegation! Phewww!!! Wow!!! I'm exhausted just typing this up!

    Anybody have any advice for me, an "experienced" nurse???
  9. by   xNurse415X
    Hi everyone.....i was wondering if anyone here has ever gone through a group interview. I was offered a group interview for OB most likely postpartum. I'm REALLY nervous/anxious/excited because i've never had a group interview but stoked its in women's health. Any advice would help on how to prepare.... Also, for those who are already working as a NG, which hospitals if you don't mind me asking? Thanks!
  10. by   Jaysanamommy
    Hey xNurse415x I was offered a group interview as well. So nervous never had one and im curious to see what it all about....goodluck!!!
  11. by   stustressed
    So I am a new nurse.. just took and passed my boards and I got hired in Labor and Delivery.

    I wanted to know if anyone has any advice to avoid pit falls or common mistakes.

    Im nervous and need some advice

    Hi, I have been in L&D 3 years. I went straight into it from graduation. The tips and advice I can give is pretty basic but....
    NEVER be afraid to ask questions. You are dealing with 2 lives.
    NEVER think you know it all, you don't. There is always something new to learn and someone that has been through it.
    Be confident in the skills you feel good about, refine the ones you don't.
    Not all deliveries are storybook and perfect..some are difficult, sad, stressful.
    L&D is not just holding babies, it can be exhausting (like all nursing) but it is worth it.
    Use the their expertise and ask questions to them too.
    Try to understand the physiology behind your fetal heart monitor strip and what is happening to the baby, not just "what to do when this or that happens"
    You will make some kind of a mistake (or two), accept it, learn from it and move on.
    Congrats and Good Luck!
  12. by   RNVP25
    You will do great! if you can pass nursing school, you certainly will make it through the orientation! Good Luck.
  13. by   doulalove
    Just curious, where are new grads being hired in L&D?? I feel like I've looked everywhere and a year of experience seems to always be required...
  14. by   EmilyLucille523
    I'm new to L&D too but not a new grad, however, I was hired with a bunch of them.

    My advice to all you newbies...

    DON'T act like you already know everything! It makes the experienced L&D nurses frustrated. Even if you already done something in clinicals like starting an IV, you can always use the experience and the nurse precepting you may teach you a new way of doing something. Also, if you don't know something or can't remember something, look it up. Don't always expect them to answer every little question from A-Z like your clinical instructors did. I go home every night and review my Maternal book from school just to refresh and relearn anything I did not know that day at work.

    One last thing, it is true that older nurses eat their young. It is not that they want you to fail though. They already believe you are going to leave them in less than a year and go to that Monday through Friday OBGYN office job after you've gained some experience...PROVE THEM WRONG! And stick around, then they'll respect you more!

    In the meatime, good luck!