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  1. Hello All:

    I am a new graduate nurse trying to find my way out there. I'm sure we've all heard more than enough about how the market is right now so, no I'm not here to complain about that one.

    My question is this. I am sending out my resume for new positions, and I'm trying to keep it short by including only my most recent job as an SNA (student nurse assistant) clinical rotations and other training related information. However, before I started the nursing school journey, I apprenticed for a group of homebirth midwives for three years, worked as a doula (perinatal and postpartum) a monitrice (super doula). Should I include this information in my resume? I have to admit that I'm worried I'll come across as too earthy-birthy, and while I am that, I will also be an amazing OB nurse. How can I convey that I have my own convictions and beliefs but that I'm not trying to convert? I learned long ago that each birth is it's own, and my job is to be present for the reality and not what I see as the ideal. I'm a non-judger.

    I love OB, it's what I'm meant to do. I'm just not sure the best way to present myself.

    Advice and opinions welcome and appreciated.
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  3. by   prplscrubs
    i think you should put it in your resume.. just the facts you did this at this time for this long etc, then during your interview you will have a chance to show how you feel, and how you treat your patients and that you don't judge. It will def. come out in your interview so I wouldn't worry about that!! you'll do great, good luck.
  4. by   Ashley_RN
    Hi Michelle!
    Congrats on graduating! I myself am a recent new grad so I know all too well what's going on out there for jobs and my advice, DEFINITELY add this experience to your resume. I think it shows your passion to the OB field but also says wonders about your ability to have relationships with patients. I dont know much about a doula or a monitrice but I can imagine you would have to be truly compassionate and caring in order to do that job. Also, I think it says a lot about having strong communication skills, and the ability to foster trusting relationships (especially during this experience in a family's life, thats HUGE)! I would never see these experiences as you coming off too "earthy" but more as open-minded, which is definitely a quality any nurse manager would love to see in a potential employee.
    Also, if you're worried they still might have this image of you, you can always clarify your views with them in the interview.
    Just my opinion, hope it helps! And GOODLUCKKKK!
  5. by   lcapNICU_RN
    I think you should put it on your resume...It shows that you have been interested in the ob field. But if you are really unsure you should contact your school's career services department or your adviser from your nursing program and ask their advice as well.

    I just applied for and got a job as an SPN (Student professional nurse). I am in my mid 20s and since I am in school I decided to put all of my past jobs, even my TA experience when i was 14 at my sunday school and the people interviewing me who are now my bosses were all impressed with my extensive job history.
  6. by   rn4lyfe08
    Definitely add it to your resume. While it's not RN exp, it is experience in the medical field. AND if you truly want to be an OB nurse, it shows your commitment to the field. It tells them that you're not disillusioned with the OB world. You've tried it, enjoy it, and want to continue in that field. It's a wonderful experience to have!
  7. by   lpn4nowrn42012
    First, Congrats on the first milestone........passing the boards. Based on what you indicated in your post, that's a wealth of information that I WOULD INCLUDE on your resume. I know the job market is ruff right now, but anything that can give you an edge would benefit you and be in your best interest. Good Luck!

    Thats my
  8. by   SnowboardLovinRN
    ABSOLUTELY! You should add it. It shows your experience in the field, that you love that line of work, compassion, and you have lots of experience that sets you apart from others because of it!!
  9. by   Suncat12
    I agree with the others...include it. I had the same question about my volunteering with LLLI before I applied for a position in Women's Services. It turned out to be a plus and show my passion for this area of nursing!
  10. by   babyktchr
    I never did understand why clinical experience is included on a graduate application. When I do interviews with the grads, that is the only thing listed and it is umm...kinda required and it is supervised, so how can you list it as "experience"?. If I were looking at your resume, I would certainly appreciate your experience in the OB arena and look favorably on it. As a previous poster said, keep it short and dont' want to look desperate. Good luck to you!!!!
  11. by   StudentAmie
    babyktchr, we were sort of advised to put clinical rotations on our resumes, especially if our actual patient contact experience is limited. Our groups are also given lots of choices for which rotations to do so I can see how it would be relavent, I just finished a rotation on a Med. SAC unit so if I were hoping to work in the MICU, it would probably be good for them to see I have worked in their exact stepdown unit.

    Anyway, I am early, early in the process as I am still only halfway done with school, but I too have doula, "earthy birthy" experience and I've just been putting it out there. I spoke with HR about an internship while I am in school at the women's hospital here and she said that because of that experience she definitely wanted to sit down with me. Who knows what will actually come of it but I had the same fears as you and it was nice to see it responded to positively. This hospital is about the "crunchiest" in town and I live in a fairly progressive birthing area so maybe it's different other places...but I also feel like as much as you may want/need a job, it's important to be up front about your feelings on the topic. If it's a hospital with a 70% csection rate and a place where people wanting a more holistic experience mocked, you may as well find that out up front because you won't be any happier working there than they would be having you! Good luck in your search! It's gnarly trying to find OB work as a new grad and I applaud your efforts!