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magnesium sulfate infusion

  1. 0 Does anyone know if it is standard to start 2 separate lines to run Mag on a PIH pt . I thought only necessary if running additional meds like antibiotics etc was it necessary.
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    Two different IV sites? No, I've never run two different IVs. Not even if I've run abx, just make sure the abx are compatible.
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    We don't run two mainline IV's to infuse Mag. We also piggyback our antibiotics into the mainline with the Mag and infuse then together. This works if the antibiotic is compatible with the Mag.
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    No! Not necessary...I've run pit, mag, abx, insulin and IV push meds in one line!! I always call pharmacy to make sure the meds are all comparable and make a note in the chart verifying that I called and who confirmed the safety. Running two lines is unnecessary stress to the patient...IMHO. :-)
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    thank you for your help
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    We don't run Insulin with it. We do start another line for that.
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    Just my 0.02 but if I have a patient sick enough to be on Mag I like a 2nd IV. If you're running several things simultaneously it's easier to run two pumps--or two double pumps!-and keep track of your fluids that way. It does suck for the Moms but so do seizures etc! I also think running things like oxytocin and mag in the same line--even piggybacked at different sites--is a much higher risk for a medication error--ie after delivery, bolusing with mag instead of pit.
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