Looking for Awhonn convention roommate 9/26-29 Looking for Awhonn convention roommate 9/26-29 | allnurses

Looking for Awhonn convention roommate 9/26-29

  1. 0 I am hoping to find someone to share the room at the Venitian for the Awhonn convention in Sept. I won't be there the 25, which is a "pre-convention" day, but will be there sun through wed nights. Noone else from my hospital is going, and I'd like to share the fun with another RN! Thanks! (oops- end of long night- *convention*)
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    Did you find a roomate yet? Where are you from and what unit do you work in? I am considering going to the convention as I am a new grad RN trying to get into a postpartum/L&D/NICU unit in California or anywhere for that matter. Do you think it would be beneficial for me to attend this in terms of networking and scouting opportunities?
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    Yes, yes ,yes it will be worth the cost and time to go. They have a vendors area, and I'm sure there will be employer scouts there too. I'm planning on taking multiple copies of my resume to pass out. I'm looking to do alot of networking,too. It was more to stay at the Venetian than I was willing to pay, so I booked across the street at Treasure Island for about half the price. A little bit inconvenient, but totally manageable.

    So, yes, I am still looking for a roomie. I arrive on Sunday noonish and leave after the convention on thurs. I'm not sure how to actually connect with you without putting personal stuff on here- any ideas?

    I'm in Spokane,WA, work in the OB dept and love it!

    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks for the reply.
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    I just found out about the convention and I'm planning to go.

    I'd like to share a room!

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    Debitup and Nurse Jennie, you two should room together! It looks like I won't make it to the convention afterall but I hope you guys a have a great time!

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    You won't be able to use the PM system until you have 15 posts (as a security measure to avoid spamming via PM). But if you have email listed you can communicate that way.

    Hope you all find what you need.
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    Hi Jennie, I would love to have you share a room with me. I am staying at Treasure Island though, across the street from the Venetian, as it saved a little cash. Apparently, I can't instant message you on this site, as I don't have enough posts yet. If you still want to room with me, let me know via this post and maybe the administrator can connect us privately. Thanks, Debi