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    Erm, the link goes to a facebook group??
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    Quote from Elvish
    Erm, the link goes to a facebook group??
    thats what I am getting too
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    The OP probably copied the link from the facebook page, and its getting stuck somewhere. Just copy and past the text of the link, that takes you to the article.
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    I really like this article a lot. I actually have been curious about others opinions on other birthing changes as well. I know the biggest hospital where I live has a 75% c-section rate and if you don't have that baby in 4-5 hours then "you aren't progressing" and to surgery you go. Also I know several people that have been induced for non-medical reasons and this seems to be increasing greatly..Does this bother anyone? Just curious
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    Dr Amy is such a quack.

    (sorry, just reading the comments section, lol)
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    When my niece was due, she told me that she would be delivering on Monday,,,because that's the day her doc delivered,,,,not certain what his section rate is, but bet it's sky high. This country really needs to allow for women to actually go into labor on their own...
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    Yes, my brother in law one day told me that his wife had the same due date as my son, they're a year apart. His son was born at 38 weeks because the doctor persuaded, and I'm sure a 9 month pregnant mom wouldn't need much persuading to deliver if her docotr is saying its perfectly fine and safe, to be induced because she was going on a cruise. She had a 9 hour labor and the baby couldn't tolerate the pit and surprise- c-section. I hear so many, many of these stories and it drives me nuts!
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