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Hello. I am a student nurse with a job in L&D this summer. I overall like the unit but there are several things that I find strange. One of the things I found strange was when I asked the nurse manager what kind of resources are... Read More

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    Does anyone have a policy related to fetal demise and the amount of time allowed before the babies body must be in the morgue? We have one, but it seems unrealistic (1.5 hours). Thanks!
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    I have worked L&D at two different hospitals and in both places the policy stated that the mother decides when the baby goes to the morgue.
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    Ours is the same as above. Some babies never go to the morgue, and the family takes the remains home and buries them.
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    We let family decide when the baby goes to the morgue, too. Wow, an hour and a half isn't very long . I've had babies who have stayed with their families for an entire shift. If they are facing a lifetime without their child, a few hours seems a small enough gift to give them.
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    Thank you for your responses!
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    Here's your chance to show "innitiative" and start a program yourself. This will look great to the big wigs at the hospital, will look great on your resume BUT ABOVE ALL this is your chance to really have a major positive impact on the lives of your patients and there familes! There will be a lot of work involved to get this going but if you really believe in it's importance then don't take no for an answer and don't let anyone block your way. Put together a game plan, make in organized and consistant, propose the plan to your supervisor after you have it all put together and then the next step if you get approval will be a meeting with your co-workers to put it into effect. Make sure you have everything planned out and organized as a finished project when you present it to your supervisor, lots of details and know your stuff otherwise it will just get put off. If your supervisor procrastinates or isn't on board, then keep going up the ladder. This is a great opportunity for you as a patient advocate.

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